Joy Behar Is So Over The Word "Amazing"

Eleni Crush · 05/27/10 11:51AM

People of America, it's time to bring your trusty thesaurus out of hiding, because Joy Behar is so sick of you using the word "amazing" ad nauseum. Acceptable, Joy-approved synonyms? "Superb," "ravishing," and "fabulous."

Elisabeth Hasselbeck Criticizes Erin Andrews' Skimpy DWTS Outfits

Matt Cherette · 05/04/10 02:32PM

Oh, Elisabeth Hasselbeck. *Shudder* On The View today, Hasselbeck criticized Erin Andrews for wearing skimpy outfits on Dancing with the Stars—and defended her peeping tom in the process—before the rest of the panel shut her down. Video inside.