Old Man Throws Away His Canes And Dances, A Weary Internet Rejoices

Michelle Dean · 07/22/14 04:22PM

It does not take Claude Lévi-Strauss to explain why the above video of an elderly man — perhaps Peruvian, but "facts" about viral videos seem generally to be moving targets so don't quote me on that — is being shared by distant relatives of yours and mine all over Facebook. We are smack in the middle of a week where every other news story is about dead bodies and the condition thereof, and few Facebook walls have been left untarnished by a proxy war over the Middle East. Would that we could all just shut up and dance this week away.

How to Make Everyone Hate Your Joy: A Lesson in Email Etiquette from Condé Nast

Caity Weaver · 09/13/12 10:20AM

The important thing to remember about out-of-office replies is that no one is ever happy to receive them. An out-of-office reply is your way of saying, to anyone who emails with a request, "You're out of luck, motherfucker – I'M GONE." Use them to list the dates you'll be gone and the name of an alternate contact person. Do not use them to trick people into reading all about your exciting life.