How Guilty Should I Feel?

Kelly Stout · 08/22/16 03:26PM

I often feel guilt when I assign a story. This is partly a function of being a woman who would, if she had her way, please and comfort her entire universe of acquaintances, and partly a function of having been convinced at a relatively young age by the argument that Janet Malcolm famously made in The Journalist and the Murderer: “Every journalist who is not too stupid or full of himself to notice what is going on knows that what he does is morally indefensible.”

Gawker Was Murdered by Gaslight

Tom Scocca · 08/22/16 02:56PM

A lie with a billion dollars behind it is stronger than the truth. Peter Thiel has shut down

How to Do Celebrity Journalism Good 

Hamilton Nolan · 08/17/16 09:10AM

Imagine that you are a journalist, tasked with crafting a true, powerful, and insightful piece of writing about a well known celebrity that can puncture their veil of false mystique. Here is how it’s done.

New York Daily News Tweets Featuring Shaun King's Head, Ranked

Kevin Draper and Patrick Redford · 08/12/16 12:25PM

Activist-turned-New York Daily News senior justice writer Shaun King writes on very serious topics like the justice system, police brutality, and Black Lives Matter. Which is why it is so baffling that the Daily News frequently promotes his stories on Twitter by inserting King’s visage into the story art, often to hilarious effect.

LEAKED: The Lost Gawker Night Blogs

Hudson Hongo · 08/09/16 10:40PM

For every macabre, titillating or actually informative off-hours post that has appeared on Gawker dot com, there’s one that was too scandalous, too stupid or just too boring to make it onto the site. Tonight, we pull back the curtain to show you the godforsaken night blogs that were neither editor nor reader was ever meant to see.

Signs You Are Actually Dating a Fox News Spy

Gabrielle Bluestone · 08/09/16 12:50PM

“About ten years ago I had a crush on a woman at Fox News. She was a low level staffer. I was in college at the time. So I was going out on what I thought were dates. Chris, I thought these were dates. These were not dates. She was actually reporting back to Fox News about me. She was reporting back about what I thought of her and about CNN and MSNBC and Fox. Because I was a reporter on the beat, they were actually spying on me that way.” — CNN’s Brian Stelter, who is currently married to a former Fox affiliate reporter...

BREAKING: Wikileaks Retweets Some Boring-Ass Voicemails

Hudson Hongo · 07/27/16 08:15PM

Wednesday evening, several news outlets announced that Wikileaks had JUST RELEASED 29 new Democratic National Committee voicemails, a brilliant bit of counter-programming against tonight’s Democratic convention events if true.

Fusion Staffers Barred From Eating ABC News Snacks At DNC

Alex Pareene · 07/27/16 12:55PM

PHILADELPHIA — Three sources, speaking on the condition of anonymity because they feared professional repercussions, have told Gawker that ABC News is not allowing Fusion staffers attending the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia this week to eat the free snacks in the ABC News tent.

Don't Listen to Nate Silver, Listen to Me

Brendan O'Connor · 07/26/16 02:37PM

Lots of smart people are anxiously sharing links to Nate Silver’s 2016 Election Forecast on their social media profiles, largely because, one assumes, they are beginning to realize the implications of the fact that there is an actual presidential election happening and Donald Trump is an actual presidential candidate.

Bye, Roger: The Best Times Roger Ailes Was The Worst

J.K. Trotter · 07/21/16 05:50PM

Roger Ailes, the founder and CEO of Fox News, is resigning from the network after several female employees, current and former, alleged that Ailes had sexually harassed them. To bid him adieu, we’ve collected the best of Gawker’s coverage of the times Ailes—and the company he ran until today—were the worst. Enjoy?