Gabrielle Bluestone · 05/07/14 07:46PM

Another one bites the dust. After 63 years in print, Jet magazine is now online-only. This month's issue was its last.

Tom Scocca · 05/05/14 04:20PM

Look, this whole "nerdprom" problem is very simple: All you self-loathing/self-obsessed D.C. media people who go to and/or talk about the White House Correspondents Dinner are not, technically speaking, "nerds." You are "tools."

The New U.S.-Russia Cold War Is Not About to Happen Between Dolphins

Adam Weinstein · 04/22/14 02:43PM

Last month, Russia seized Ukraine's combat dolphins. This week, the U.S. Navy was rumored to be deploying its own dolphins to the Black Sea. The Great Game seemed upon us once again: the warm-water game of cold war. But more likely, the American media just got played by a Kremlin mouthpiece.

Adam Weinstein · 04/22/14 01:32PM

Jonah Lehrer has a new blog, and Malcolm Gladwell likes it. According to Gawker's computerized plagiarism analysis, it includes two unoriginal statements: "It's a simple question with a complicated answer," and "At first glance, the answer seems obvious." So Lehrer's moved on to clichés now.

J.K. Trotter · 04/21/14 01:25PM

Slate is resurrecting its paid membership program. Among the many perks available: “Slate Plus members will automatically get single-page articles throughout the site.” Price: $50/year.

Site Glitch Reveals Who Nominated Themselves For Pulitzer Prize

J.K. Trotter · 04/17/14 04:00PM

As part of its secretive judging process, the Pulitzer Prize committee closely guards the names of outlets and reporters who submit their work for consideration. But a loophole in the Prize’s online submission website inadvertently revealed that BuzzFeed and The Daily Beast sought but did not win journalism’s highest honor.

J.K. Trotter · 04/15/14 01:42PM

New York Times executive editor Jill Abramson tells Employee of the Month host Catie Lazarus* that she has two back tattoos: Her newspaper’s “T” insignia and “a Crimson Harvard ‘H,’” both of which represent “the two institutions that I revere, that have shaped me.”

Adam Weinstein · 04/11/14 12:51PM

Huffington Post has pulled an infographic and article suggesting a link between U.S. killings by vets and their war service, after Gawker and Business Insider debunked them. "We regret that the data as presented in our graphic was incomplete and misleading," a HuffPo editors' note read.

J.K. Trotter · 04/01/14 12:36PM

British investment banker and former Financial Times reporter Andrew Balls says he supplemented his FT salary by...writing speeches for the vice chairman of Citigroup. Cool.

Adam Weinstein · 03/28/14 11:30AM

No, soccer legend Pele is not dead. But if he did die later today, someone might want to ask CNN where they were.

Times Story on Pakistan-Bin Laden Ties Vanishes in Pakistan Papers

Adam Weinstein · 03/22/14 10:45AM

International editions of the New York Times appeared in Pakistan Saturday with a huge gaping white space where a story on Pakistan's alleged ties to Osama Bin Laden should have been, according to multiple reports from journalists and observers in the region.