New York Times Finally Admits It Has Never Heard of Good Burger

Jordan Sargent · 11/10/14 03:58PM

Last week, America's paper of record published an article on Alex From Target, a cherubic teen superstore employee who briefly became the most notorious human on Twitter before his inspirational rise to fame was co-opted by society's least upstanding citizens. The Times' story was perfunctory except for one curious part that revealed a lack of pop culture knowledge that will make any true '90s kid spit Sunny D onto his Gameboy.

A Million Dollars For Writers--While Supplies Last!

Hamilton Nolan · 11/04/14 03:10PM

Abruptly deposed former New York Times editor Jill Abramson is teaming up with Steven Brill to start a publication that has **one million dollars** to give to writers just like you in the coming year alone. How can you get your piece?

What Is Gamergate, and Why? An Explainer for Non-Geeks

Jay Hathaway · 10/10/14 08:20AM

Until recently, you might have lived a life blissfully unaware of the online #Gamergate movement. But last week, computing giant Intel pulled its ads from an independent game-development site thanks to the gaming lobby. Now that major companies are taking sides, it's time to figure it out. Let us be your guides.

Two Journalists Reportedly Arrested Without Cause, Assaulted in Ferguson

Gabrielle Bluestone · 08/13/14 08:05PM

Two reporters working out of a McDonalds in Ferguson, Mo. say they were arrested and assaulted for no apparent reason while covering the increasingly violent clash between police and protestors on Wednesday night. Both were eventually released without being charged.

Longtime New York Times War Reporter's Helicopter Downed in Iraq

Adam Weinstein · 08/12/14 11:31AM

Alissa J. Rubin, the New York Times Paris bureau chief who has spent much of the past decade anchoring the paper's Iraq and Afghanistan war coverage, was riding in a helicopter that crashed as it was delivering humanitarian aid to Yazidi refugees in northern Iraq today.

John Oliver Has Had Enough of Ads Disguised as News Stories

Jay Hathaway · 08/04/14 09:06AM

John Oliver's big topic on the latest Last Week Tonight was the crumbling wall between news and advertising, an invisible ethical forcefield that used to be known as the "separation of church and state."

Everybody Misreads an AP Tweet, Responds by Getting Super-Pissed at AP

Adam Weinstein · 07/23/14 09:50AM

The Associated Press Twitter account is a must-follow for breaking-news junkies. It's also a great guide to the many ways you can fuck up breaking news. Like when it reported the status this morning of an aircraft carrying the bodies of MH17 victims back to Holland:

Why Did NBC Yank a Gaza Reporter Who Saw Children Killed on the Beach?

Adam Weinstein · 07/17/14 02:05PM

Media attention in Gaza yesterday focused on a sudden Israeli artillery strike that killed four children as they played on the beach, in front of numerous journalists. One of those reporters, NBC's Ayman Mohyeldin, documented the aftermath in stark detail. Today, NBC pulled him out of Gaza.

Adam Weinstein · 07/07/14 11:28AM

BBC is instructing its editors and producers to stop striving for "false balance" by booking so many anti-science and climate-denying commentators. "Audiences should be able to understand from the context and clarity of the BBC's output what weight to give to critical voices," a company report stated.

Polish Magazine Raided After Publishing Secretly Recorded Conversation

Andy Cush · 06/19/14 07:50AM

On Saturday, Poland's Wprost magazine published a secretly recorded conversation between two officials that revealed a recently departed minister may have been dismissed at the behest of the country's national bank head. Four days later, Polish police, prosecutors, and intelligence officers raided Wprost's office in an attempt to seize the recordings.

J.K. Trotter · 06/02/14 11:38AM

The Supreme Court rejected an appeal filed by New York Times reporter James Risen in which he argued that he should not be forced to testify in a case against former C.I.A. operative Jeffrey Sterling, who is suspected of leaking classified information to Risen. It it not yet clear, Risen’s lawyer said, whether federal prosecutors still intend to seek Risen’s testimony.