The Godfather of Media News Is Semi-Retiring

Hamilton Nolan · 08/24/11 02:21PM

In your era-ending Wednesday media column: Jim Romenesko is semi-retiring, cartooning for The New Yorker is hard, the NYO broadsheet is here, a weather lady is scared of earthquakes, and newspapers have grown.

Former Air America Radio Exec Arrested; Network Just Happy To Get Its Name In The Paper

Hamilton Nolan · 05/29/08 09:54AM

Air America Radio, the liberal talk radio network that has come to dominate the radio dial and our country's political media at large (you can't go anywhere these days without hearing about the latest Rachel Maddow show) is back in the news. This time, for fraud! The network's fugitive former director, Evan Montvel-Cohen, was arrested in Guam yesterday on money-laundering charges unrelated to Air America. But boy, they should really consider rehiring him for his fundraising skills alone:

Rental Car Ads Are The Intellectual Issue Of Our Time

Hamilton Nolan · 05/07/08 09:06AM

Stanley Fish—public intellectual, Times blogger, and man of secret ethics—has been doing a lot of thinking about rental car ads, and their relation to cheating on your wife and/ or gay lover. "The genius of the commercials is that they foreground the sexuality that informs the relationship between the car owner and the object of his/her affection," Fish wrote. That's what I'm saying! Because many rental car ads play on the theme of leaving your old car for a new one, Fish believes they are deserving of deep deconstruction. About his favorite Avis ad, he concludes "Lust is lust and betrayal is betrayal, whether the relationship is gay or straight." Others might just like the part with the car, and the guy, and the joke. The ad, and his deep, sexy analysis of its genre, below.

Did This Hooker Sleep With Eliot Spitzer Or Not?

Hamilton Nolan · 03/28/08 08:45AM

The story of Kristin Davis, who the Post fingered yesterday as not only a high-priced madam, but also another hooker visited by Eliot Spitzer, is actually getting more interesting. Why? Because every new story that comes out makes it less clear if Davis actually has any connection to Spitzer. The Post says she does! The Daily News says she doesn't! And the Times doesn't really say anything! Verrrrrrrrrrryyy interesting. Somebody has screwed up on this story, big time. After the jump, we speculate—plus, we have some insight into the Daily News' big "Madam's Black Book" cover story today.