Remainders: Colin Farrell's Manliness Can Never Be Fully Contained

Jesse · 01/13/06 04:59PM

• Colin Farrell's lawyer's beat up on poor little Jossip, but Jossip lives to tale the tale. [Jossip]
• Which is not to say Farrell's lawyers have caught up with all the cock pix quite yet. [Totally Joshness]
• Freygate forces Oprah to make a drastic move with her Book Club. [Storms Illustration via Emdashes]
• Naturally, the one time the English and the Germans successfully cooperate on something, it's a hideous line-dancing song you haven't been able to forget nearly a decade later. [Silver Jacket]
• Just in: Scientists have identified the four ur-Jewish mothers, from whom 40 percent of all Ashkenazim are descended. Reply the mothers, "What, so now you finally decide to write?" [Reuters via Yahoo!]
• We can't relieve believe we're mentioning this, but, as what's apparently Diabetes Appreciation Week continues, you can finally get away from the pictures of unfortunate, obese, poor people the Times has been foisting on us all and instead tune into CNBC Sunday night as — we kid you not — Poison's Bret Michaels "talks candidly about partying with diabetes." [dLife]

Media Bubble: Sly Stallone Doesn't Have a Shoe Fetish

Jesse · 12/29/05 04:00PM

• Judge rules that Stallone's Sly magazine won't be confused for a shoe-fetishist rag. Which is kind of too bad. [E! Online]
• Reuters: "Men want facts, women seek relations on Web." Clearly the reporters don't know any gay men, who we're pretty sure seek all sorts of deviant "relations" on the Web. [Reuters via Yahoo]
• Breaking: Reporters like to drink. [NYT]
• Jossip presents his 2005 media awards, though we don't quite understand why "Graydon Carter's Deep Throat discovery" is a nominee for "biggest newsmedia mishap." [Jossip]
• Bossman's stuck in London, and WWD clearly has absolutely no real news to report. [WWD]

David Hauslaib Abandons His Jossip Hobby

Jessica · 12/12/05 11:47AM

In nerdy blog news, David Hauslaib, the well-coiffed young thing behind gossip blog Jossip and gay spin-off Queerty, is stepping down after two years of nursing Jossip to maturity. He'll stick around in a management capacity (how very Denton!), but no more daily blogging. His replacement, Corynne Steindler, comes from the sketchy, non-descript environs of Star and Lloyd Grove's desk at the Daily News, though we've no idea what, specifically, any of that means. Not that it matters — as we've found, professional qualifications tend to hinder one's blogging ability.