josh-harris Founder Josh Harris 'Attacked' at Film Screening

Owen Thomas · 04/07/09 01:22PM

On Monday at a Manhattan screening of We Live in Public, a documentary about Pseudo's late-'90s experiments in 24/7 Internet broadcasting (you can watch the trailer here, a bearded man got up and started ranting about how his obsession with one of Pseudo's programs, Toilet Boys, forced him to seek high-speed Internet access at the local library at 11:30 at night. He then called Harris a "fucking megalomaniac," lept onto the stage, and attacked him.

The Film Festival Time Forgot

Gabriel Snyder · 01/21/09 04:19PM

Gawker operative Stephen Kosloff has sent us another batch of photos from the frozen film wonderland that is the Sundance Film Festival. Now with product-placing bunnies.