Spiked Clinton Story Finds Home At Author's Own Magazine

Pareene · 02/14/08 02:31PM

Atlantic editor Josh Green was writing a mildly unfavorable GQ piece about the Clintons until the Clintons said they'd pull Bill from the mag's cover if it ever ran. So they killed it. (For real this time, not like that old Vanity Fair rumor.) And Green took it to The Atlantic. The story is about how ousted campaign manager Patti Solis-Doyle didn't so much "run" the campaign as just act like a surrogate ego to Senator Clinton herself, and that Solis-Doyle continued to be allowed to fuck up Clinton's campaign primarily because of her slavish loyalty, and not for any political skill she might possess. The story is good! But now it's in the unread Atlantic. And the story's author is on the unwatched TUCKER. Clip below!

Media Loses Their Minds; Colbert's Cult Out Of Control

Maggie · 10/22/07 05:10PM

Okay, so we love ourselves some Stephen Colbert, we're only human. However! There's something seriously amiss when NBC' s major Sunday news show get is the Comedy Central performer, who is "running" for President in character. "Meet the Press" anchor Tim Russert devoted nearly half of his broadcast this weekend to a fake back-and-forth with a fake candidate.