Meet Rapper Dorian Electra Gomberg: The Libertarian Lolita

Moe_Tkacik · 07/05/12 04:55PM

The hilariously undignified right wing conspiracy reaction to the news of that seventeen year old Georgia kid's public defection from the right wing conspiracy got me thinking: could the radical right's time-honored Tween Indoctrination traditions actually start to backfire? Because if so, here's a worthy nomination for the next big victim of "Krohn's Syndrome": Dorian "Libertarian Lolita" Gomberg a.k.a. Dorian Electra, who was "first introduced to the ideas of liberty in the ninth grade" and still purports to be "intimidated by the awesomeness" of her internship in the preeminent rap video production wing of the Koch Brothers reality denialism empire.

BIll Maher Goes After Teenage Republicans

Matt Toder · 06/22/12 10:21PM

In recent years, a few teenage right wingers have gained some nototriety - Jonathan Krohn and Caiden Cowger chief among them - and Bill Maher closed tonight's Real Time with a rant that began with them. Simply put: if a teenager can perfectly deliver your message, there's something wrong with that message.

Six Child Media Prodigies You Should Fear

Ryan Tate · 11/06/09 02:23PM

That 16-year-old TechCrunch writer with 120,000 Twitter followers, who we wrote about yesterday, is part of a burgeoning child punditocracy. Children are operating in virtually every facet media — and doing so successfully. Fear for your job.