The Once-Great Jonathan Demme's Cold Streak Continues With 'Rachel Getting Married'

Mark Graham · 08/12/08 07:50PM

It wasn't so long ago that Jonathan Demme was considered one of Hollywood's preeminent directors. Actually, scratch that — after checking out his IMDB profile, we now realize that the last time he made a film that had any sort of cultural impact (or, for that matter, even approached the state of being "watchable") was 1993's landmark Academy Award winner Philadelphia. Over the last fifteen years, his resume includes such stinkers as Beloved, The Truth About Charlie and The Manchurian Candidate (in the spirit of fairness, the documentary The Agronomist was pretty decent). Which is why after seeing Demme sputter out with a couple of ill-fated remakes, we were mildly excited for his return to directing an original script, the Anne Hathaway vehicle Rachel Getting Married. Emphasis on the word "were."

Jonathan Demme Does Scorsese A Solid

Seth Abramovitch · 05/21/08 02:30PM

· Jonathan Demme has stepped in for the departing Martin Scorsese on the authorized Bob Marley documentary project. This is the movie Marley's estate want released before the Weinstein's Bob biopic, a scheduling snafu that caused an irate Harvey to whip a can of Diet Coke at an assistant's head as he taunted the incapacitated call-roller to, "C'mon, Josh! Get up, stand up. Stand up for your rights!" [Variety]
· More legend docs! Spike Lee told a crowd at Cannes that he's hoping to bring a feature-length documentary about Michael Jordan to the festival next year, contingent of course on Denzel playing Michael. [Variety]