Hamilton Nolan · 11/13/14 09:06AM

Jonathan Capehart's column today: "I can't stand Kwanzaa." This is exactly the sort of vicious and ultimately meaningless cultural conversation the internet needs to have.

New York to Lose 25% of Blacks in Media

Choire · 02/08/07 11:25AM

Last night was a send-off party for Jonathan Capehart—pictured here with social diarist David Patrick Columbia and Eric Gioia, the camera-adoring city councilman—who was a columnist and then an editorial page director for the Daily News, before going to work for Bloomberg (the news service) and literally going to work for Bloomberg (that mayor dude), with a slightly icky pitstop in publicity. He's off to the Washington Post editorial board. Extreme retention efforts are now being focussed on the other three black people allowed to work in New York's media. Lola Ogunnaike, expect flowers!