An Illiterate Hairdresser Goes to Hollywood

Richard Lawson · 02/04/10 12:39PM

In their March issue, Vanity Fair has a fascinating article about producer Jon Peters, an illiterate hairdresser turned major Hollywood player (and ex Mr. Streisand), written by the woulda-been ghost writer of his memoirs, William Stadiem. Crazy Tinsel tales abound.

Happy Birthday

cityfile · 06/02/09 06:55AM

Dating Drew Barrymore isn't the only thing that Fabrizio Moretti and Justin Long have in common. They also share a birthday. Fabrizio is turning 29 today, while Justin is turning 31. Others celebrating: Times columnist Frank Rich is turning 60. American Express CEO Ken Chenault turns 58. Princeton professor Cornel West is 56. Westchester DA-turned-TV judge Jeanine Pirro turns 58. Hairdresser-turned-movie producer Jon Peters is 64. NHL commissioner Gary Bettman is 57. Dana Carvey is turning 54. Rolling Stones drummer Charlie Watts turns 68. Dennis Haysbert is 55. Nikki Cox turns 31. And comedian Wayne Brady is 37 today.

Jesus Denies, Kiefer Apologizes

cityfile · 05/26/09 05:52AM

• Despite the fact his dad says they're planning a Kabbalah commitment ceremony and he's currently shacking up at her apartment, Jesus Luz tells a Brazilian TV station that Madonna is "just a friend." Also: He really doesn't mind it if you refer to him as her "boy toy." [NYDN]
• Kiefer Sutherland has apologized to Jack McCollough for head-butting him, and charges against the actor are likely to be dropped. Not that he's learned much of a lesson: He was spotted boozing it up on the LES with his daughter in tow last week. [NYP, P6]
• The celebrity crime wave continues: Kevin Bacon had his BlackBerry stolen from him last week. And Monica Bellucci and husband Vincent Cassel had more than a quarter of a million dollars in cash and jewels taken from them while they were attending the Cannes Film Festival. [NYP, DM]
• Mel Gibson has confirmed that he and his Russian musician girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva, are expecting. [People, NYDN]
Mariah Carey spent Memorial Day in Turkey. Why Turkey? Because a hotel paid her $1.5 million to perform, that's why. [P6]

Playboy For Sale; Cannes and Upfront Week Wrap Up

cityfile · 05/22/09 11:58AM

• Want to buy Playboy? Mail a check for $300 million to Hugh Hefner. [NYP]
• A look at the "highlights, lowlights and sidelights" from upfront week. [NYT]
• The Cannes Film Festival didn't stir up as much buzz as in years past, although industry types are hoping/praying that the worst is over. [WSJ]
Tyra Banks will have 12 hours of airtime a week on the CW this fall; if she "gets hit by a car this year, the CW will have to go out of business." [NYP]
Bruce will be the last act at Giants Stadium before it's demolished. [AP]
T+L's new pro-travel ad campaign suggests people "please go away." [WWD]
• Vintage Books is promoting Netherland with a blurb by Barack Obama. [NYO]
• Jon Peters' tell-all about Hollywood sure sounds interesting! [DHD]

Nobody Wants to See Tom Hanks Naked

The Cajun Boy · 05/14/09 06:38AM

Tom Hanks' sex scenes were cut from Angels & Demons, Olivia Palermo joins Elle, and John Mayer tries to get girls to sleep with him by text messaging "I want to tuck you in."

Wintour Daughter 'Nervous' Abour Finding Journalism Work

Ryan Tate · 11/24/08 06:44AM
  • Anna Wintour's daughter Bee Shaffer, the aspiring journalist, is graduating from Columbia in May and is "really nervous about the fact nobody's hiring right now." If she gets desperate she could take one of those awful personal assistant jobs working for a magazine editor. (She won't get desperate.) [NYM]

Sarah Jessica Parker and Kim Cattrall Face Off

cityfile · 11/07/08 06:37AM

Kim Cattrall and Sarah Jessica Parker are apparently incapable of getting along: A day after Kim confirmed that there will be Sex and the City sequel, Parker told fans "not to get their hopes up" and that "Kim is excited, but all the deals are not yet done." [Daily Star, People]
♦ It looks like spending time in court, soup kitchens, and sanitation departments hasn't helped Naomi Campbell much. She infuriated passengers on her flight back from London on Tuesday by cutting in line while going through customs at JFK. She swears it wasn't her fault because it was the airline that offered her an escort. [R&M]
Ian Schrager is getting married next Saturday. The bride-to-be is a ballerina named Tania Wahlstedt. [P6]

Jon Peters Hit With Multiple Maid-Fluffing Lawsuits

seth · 12/28/07 01:17PM

Former Barbra Streisand lover/Perm-Tensility Quality Control Technician Jon Peters, who only recently spent millions to give his adoptive godson Kal-El Brandon Routh the most dancing-waterest wedding in Kryptonian history, is on the receiving end of yet two more sexual harassment lawsuits filed by exasperated staff members claiming to have been faded-superproducer-handled during their tenures at the Peters estate. From Page Six:

Brad Grey Daydreaming About What His Former Studio Chief Scorecard Entry Might Look Like

mark · 06/21/07 12:13PM uses the occasion of former Warner Bros. head Terry Semel's recent ouster from Yahoo! to assemble a handy, clip-n-save-quality scorecard helping you stay current on how your favorite former studio bigwigs are keeping themselves busy. While the group's fortunes range from Peters' tragically undercelebrated enshrinement on the Walk of Fame to Katzenberg's ogre-enabled DreamWorks Animation moguldom, arguably none of them has enjoyed as fulfilling a second act as erstwhile Disney Grand Mouseketeer Michael Eisner, who is happily sharing his twin passions for low-rated basic cable talk shows and 70s-kitsch trading cards with his old friends.

Angry Hollywood Ex-Wives On The Warpath!

mark · 05/04/07 11:13AM

One would think that the day that a humble former hairdresser [Ed.note—How many movies does a guy have to make before people stop mentioning he used to trim Streisand's bangs? This man made Vision Quest! Does that count for nothing?] is granted the career-validating recognition of a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame would be among the happiest of his life, but Superman Returns producer Jon Peters must have been at least a little disappointed in how his Tuesday induction turned out. Not only did he wake up to discover that his best Hollywood friends had forgotten to purchase full-page suck-up ads in the trades celebrating his cinematic legacy and thanking the show business gods for bringing him into their lives, he also had to deal with some marital nastiness, says Page Six, the leading chronicler of his Walk of Fame Day letdown:

Suck-Up Ads Letting Jon Peters Know Who His Real Hollywood Friends Are

mark · 05/02/07 11:19AM

If the number of full-page Variety and Hollywood Reporter suck-up ads purchased in one's honor on the day he receives Walk of Fame immortality is a reliable metric of an individual's popularity in the industry, then we could quickly conclude from a quick survey of recent star-on-a-dirty-sidewalk honorees that everyone in Hollywood is trying to get into Halle Berry's pants (in fairness, she did pretty much invite the whole town to get all up inside her), while no one but Warner Bros. would much mind if erstwhile hairstylist and Superman Returns producer Jon Peters decided to give up the moviemaking business and open a salon in Beverly Hills. Today's Page Six reports:

Short Ends: Britney And Paris Not Lesbians, Just Using One Another To Get Tabloid Attention

mark · 12/11/06 10:26PM

Paris Hilton's publicist quashes rumors that she and Britney Spears like to engage in hot, celebutard-on-poptard action, thereby reducing public interest in their shenanigans by at least 80 percent.
Making a socially conscious studio film with an indie sensibility is just so much harder when the paparazzi won't let you get a plate of curry without harassment.
· And speaking of harassment, Superman Returns producer Jon Peters' rep calls the lawsuit with all the naked bear-hugging and boyparts-exposing allegations "frivolous."
Here's a way to protest Mel Gibson, but see Apocalypto anyway.
· This is only the second best 911 call of the day.

Jon Peters Thinking 19 Years Enough Time For Ex-Wife To Find New Place

seth · 07/20/06 01:00PM

There's no use trying to make heads or tails out the living arrangements of Hollywood's rich and famous, where on any given Beverly Hills estate, you may find an aging trophy wife kissing her ex-husband hello just before she strolls over to the new life she's built in the guest house with the poolboy. For example, Jon Peters' ex-wife, Christine Forsyth Peters, has been living rent-free in his Bel Air mansion since their 1987 separation, after only two months of marriage. (They divorced in 1993.) Presumably, the arrangement had its "3 a.m. knock on the door" benefits, but Peters has decided the time has come for Christine and her adopted daughters to hit the road:

Jon Peters Returns

Seth Abramovitch · 07/03/06 06:30PM

You were to be forgiven if, during Superman Returns' opening credits, you had assumed you had stepped into some kind of wormhole to the 1970s: The whooshing blue letters, John Williams' familiar score, and, most of all, the name Jon Peters listed as producer, were enough to instantly throw you back to a simpler time, when the men were ex-hairdressing superproducers, and the Barbra Streisands were afro'd. The LAT takes a look at one-time King of Hollywood Peters, a larger-than-life and reviled figure who, thanks to his 13-year attachment to the Superman project, finds himself in the unlikely position of having another shot at the game. While he refused to be interviewed for the piece, his ex-wife, Mindy Peters (who's now romantically back in the picture), was more than willing to share some insights into what she feels makes this loathsome, lovable man tick: