Dozens Turn Out for Jon Huntsman's Presidential Campaign Launch

Jim Newell · 06/21/11 10:35AM

Well how about that: Jon Huntsman somehow rode his motocross thing all the way from Utah to the Statue of Liberty in a day to launch his presidential campaign this morning. The 2012 presidential election just got Xtreme, folks. Watch him talk about how fatally damaged yet fundamentally strong the United States is in the clip up top. Where do these boomer types get the audacity to try to fix the country after ruining it so? Well, that's another post.

Will This Xtreme Motocross Dude Rule America One Day?

Jim Newell · 06/20/11 12:29PM

Former ambassador to China and Utah governor Jon Huntsman Jr. is gearing up to run for president! That single human being in Iowa, at least, is pleased as punch. What do we know about this blossoming mute? According to this ad, he's the "candidate for president who rides motocross to relax." Nifty! That Oval Office fridge better be stocked like the dickens with Mountain Dew Code Red.

The Secret, Mystical Poems of Jon Huntsman

Jim Newell · 05/23/11 03:38PM

Jon Huntsman, the former Utah governor and ambassador to China, is already a Serious Presidential Candidate, according to something we wrote a few hours ago. Do you have any questions about this mysterious man that no one's heard of? Well five minutes at the website of Horizon PAC, Huntsman's campaign-in-waiting, should clear all of that up, since it features several vague, poem-ish musings on life and politics that don't even mention Huntsman's name.

Which of the Three 'Serious' GOP Presidential Candidates Will You Vote for?

Jim Newell · 05/23/11 12:18PM

No one wants to run for president anymore, can you believe it? Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels decided not to run over the weekend, following the exits of Mike Huckabee, Donald Trump, Haley Barbour, and some other people. This means, according to our news media, that there are only three "serious" — as in, capable of beating Barack Obama — Republican candidates remaining. Let's briefly discuss them so you can make your pick, right here and now!

Jon Hunstman Has a Domain Name Problem

Jim Newell · 04/18/11 03:55PM

Outgoing U.S. Ambassador to China Jon Huntsman, the moderate Republican ex-governor of Utah who thinks he can win a GOP presidential primary after a two-year stint working for President Obama, is facing more conservative mockery after his 2009 "love letter" to the president was leaked last week to Tucker Carlson's Daily Caller. Who could have leaked a private handwritten note to President Obama only? We'll let you gumshoes figure that one out!

What Is Jon Huntsman Doing at This Chinese Revolution?

Jim Newell · 02/24/11 01:01PM

Here's a clip from China's "Jasmine Revolution" protests on Sunday in Beijing, where a smiling U.S. Ambassador (and possible presidential candidate) Jon Hunstman walks into the middle of the crowd! He tells the cameraman that he's just there "to look around," and he then leaves. The video (with its hilarious soundtrack) was posted on the Chinese nationalist site M4 along with this breathless warning about U.S. meddling:

Obama's Chinese Ambassador May Run Against the Boss

Jim Newell · 01/31/11 12:33PM

How would raging Tea Party Republican primary voters react to a presidential candidate who works for Barack Obama, the worst human in history? "Coldly," one might think. But Obama's ambassador to China, Republican Jon Huntsman, is going to try anyway.