Don Draper Weighs in on Ferguson: "Bad Situation"

Leah Finnegan · 08/20/14 10:09AM

Jon Hamm, perhaps the most famous graduate of the The Olde St. Louie Dinner Theater Academy of Dramatic Arts, returned to his hometown last night to throw out the first pitch at a Cardinals game (it was also Bobblehead night).

Amy Sedaris Resurrected Jerri Blank for a Mad Men Skit with Jon Hamm

Rich Juzwiak · 05/15/14 07:40AM

On last night's episode of Watch What Happens Live, ringmaster Andy Cohen had his guests Jon Hamm and Amy Sedaris act out an iconic Don Draper/Peggy Olson confrontation from Season 4 of Mad Men. The twist was that Sedaris was made to perform the scene as her former drug addict/prostitute Strangers with Candy character, Jerri Blank. The result was all...mildewy. Unfortunately, though, the scene study did not end with Jerri Blank ugly-crying, as Peggy did on the original episode.

Here's a Bearded Larry David and Jon Hamm in Glasses in Clear History

Maggie Lange · 06/28/13 04:37PM

Here's the trailer for Larry David's upcoming HBO movie, Clear History. Basically, Larry David's character has a crazy frizzed-out hair-beard combo. He works for Jon Hamm who is sporting a suit, also so wild. Anyways, David's character quits because he thinks Hamm's character is dumb and then he loses out on millions and Hamm is rich and happy and married to Kate Hudson. After a decade of bitterness, David's character launches a madcap revenge plot.

Jon Hamm: 'Lay Off My Cock'

Neetzan Zimmerman · 03/27/13 08:39AM

Mad Men star Jon Hamm is furious about being treated like a walking wang.

The Return of the Real Don Draper

Matt Toder · 06/11/12 06:45PM

Season five of Mad Men ended just as it began: with a question. "When is everything going to get back to normal?" Roger asks Don in the third episode. The presumptive answer was that order, as they knew it, would never be restored—that the characters would instead have to adapt to a new normal as everything changed around them. Season five's thematic through-line was that adaptation. As each character attempted to move forward, they had to find a way to either avoid obsolescence or capitalize on the changing landscape.

Why Michael Ginsberg Is the New Hero of Mad Men

Matt Toder · 05/20/12 01:15PM

Don Draper is no longer Mad Men's hero. That honor now belongs to Michael Ginsberg, the young Jewish copywriter whose work has already upstaged Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce's longtime brilliant creative director.

Last Night's SNL: Celebrating 100 Digital Shorts

Matt Toder · 05/13/12 08:22AM

Last night's Saturday Night Live featured the 100th digital short so we were treated a short about the shorts that featured a bunch of call backs and cameos. Justin Timberlake, Natalie Portman, Jon Hamm and Michael Bolton were on hand to reprise previous roles and Justin Bieber host Will Ferrell joined in as well.

Mad Men's Don Draper Listens to The Beatles — For a Price

Louis Peitzman · 05/07/12 07:43PM

The Beatles may be the most important band of the 20th century — and feel free to debate that in the comments, even though you're wrong — but their recordings have been notably absent from the TV landscape. Aside from live performance footage, when was the last time you heard a Beatles song used on TV?

30 Rock's Live Episode Was a Lesson in the History of TV

Matt Toder · 04/27/12 11:10AM

Last night, 30 Rock aired its second live episode and it was both funny and ambitious. Mixed into the show's main plot was a string of sketches that charted the history of television and worked as an homage to live TV. The clip above features a few of those sketches, including great parodies of the Honeymooners, Amos and Andy, and Laugh In as well the work of guest star Jon Hamm.

Jon Hamm Hates Kim Kardashian, Too

Louis Peitzman · 03/10/12 02:01PM

For those of you who needed another reason to crush on Jon Hamm, the Mad Men star joined the ranks of legitimate TV actors ragging on reality TV personalities. His targets: Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton.