Irreverent Interviews with the Cast of Iron Man 2

Matt Toder · 05/07/10 09:45AM

Iron Man 2 opens today and no one is more excited that Metacafe's Matt Zaller who landed some interviews with the cast. His non-traditional style and oddball questions present a completely different take on the celebrity press junket.

Happy Birthday

cityfile · 10/19/09 06:48AM

Jon Favreau turns 43 today. John Lithgow is turning 64. Retired boxer Evander Holyfield is 47. Former Saturday Night Live star Chris Kattan is turning 39. RNC chairman Michael Steele is 51. Model/actress Joy Bryant is turning 33. Trey Parker, the co-creator of South Park, is 40. Bestselling author John le Carré turns 78. Former first daughter Amy Carter is turning 42. TV psychic John Edward is 40. And the most famous carpenter in America, Extreme Home Makeover host Ty Pennington, turns 44 today.

Musicals, Gondolas, Cowboys and Aliens!

Richard Rushfield · 09/02/09 08:11AM

Ashes may still be raining down on the city. Summer doldrums may be stifling the rest of America. But for Hollywood, this week marks the kick-off of Festival Season! Ole! And the party is breaking out everywhere you look.

The 10 Things From Comic-Con You Need To Know

Brian Moylan · 07/26/09 03:30PM

Why bother going to San Diego for Comic-Con when you can just sit in your living room and read all the good coverage of it! Now, when you talk to your nerdy sci-fi friends, you won't look like an idiot.

How Jonah Hill's Twitter Impersonator Wrecked His Hollywood Rep

Ryan Tate · 07/15/09 03:44PM

Jonah Hill joked about his Twitter impersonator on David Letterman the other night. It's impressive he was able to laugh about the incident, because the prankster made the him sound like a complete dick, to other celebrities.

Dick Parsons' Love Child, The Penns Reunite

cityfile · 05/22/09 05:48AM

• Presumably this is what happens when you spend time hanging out with John Mayer: Dick Parsons (right), the former chairman and CEO of Time Warner and currently the chairman of the board of Citigroup, not only cheated on his wife of three decades with a "model-philanthropist" 29 years his junior, he fathered a child with her, too. [NYDN]
• Sean Penn and wife Robin Wright Penn may not be getting divorced after all. Weeks after filing for legal separation, Penn has withdrawn the motion, either because he only did it in a fit of anger, or because he got jealous after seeing Robin flirting with a handful of men at the Cannes Film Festival. [NYDN, P6]
• The "Real Housewives of New York" have all reportedly signed on for a third season and are expected to make upwards of $30,000 per episode. [MSNBC]

Ellen Fails at Twitter, While Jon Favreau Wins

Owen Thomas · 03/13/09 04:11PM

In today's famous people Twitter stunts, talk-show lesbian Ellen DeGeneres wanted a million Twitter followers by today. She's almost 13% there! Meanwhile Jon Favreau has taken celebrity Twitter posting to its logical conclusion.

The Bold Ambitions of Ali Campoverdi

Ryan Tate · 01/30/09 03:34AM

Alejandra Campoverdi zoomed from campaign intern to assistant to a deputy White House chief of staff with, we're told, no other political experience. But the "flirtatious" Obama staffer supposedly wanted more.

Ali Campoverdi: Obama Hottie, Feminist Paradox

Ryan Tate · 01/27/09 02:59AM

Enough about Obama speechwriter Jon Favreau, 27. Who is his hot young girlfriend, Alejandra Campoverdi, and how did she make her way from a farmworker's family to Maxim magazine to the White House?

Obama Hottie Goes Into Facebook Hiding

Ryan Tate · 01/24/09 01:30PM

The attention, it was just too much: Barack Obama 's single, 27-year-old speechwriter apparently disappeared himself from Facebook within three days of his boss' inauguration. We blame young women.

Rahm Emanuel Is Your New Obama Hottie

Owen Thomas · 01/21/09 01:59AM

Amazing what people fetishize these days: Gray hair, dark circles under the eyes, average-at-best height, a missing middle finger? Rahm Emanuel, Obama's chief of staff, beat conventionally gorgeous policy advisor Melody Barnes in our poll.