Morgan Stanley's CEO Is a Wild and Crazy Guy

Hamilton Nolan · 06/30/14 10:21AM

Morgan Stanley is a $63 billion Wall Street firm with an 80-year history and almost $2 trillion in assets under its control. It's shocking to discover that the place is run by a japester of Loony Tunes proportions!

Revenge Pornographer Will Only Post Addresses of People He Hates, Wants the Press To Focus on 'the Good Things Iv Done'

Camille Dodero · 12/03/12 02:45PM

For more than two weeks, alcoholic squirrel Hunter Moore has been soliciting revenge-porn submissions for his soon-to-be-launched site, a new endeavor he's promised would be "very scary," "something that will [make] you question if you will ever want to have kids." The dick-pic boogeyman also Tweeted about including "people's house info with google earth directions" and then told the New York Observer's BetaBeat that one of the "scary as shit" aspects would, in fact, be the inclusion of personal home addresses "so you can stalk people." This detail, as Moore himself put it, had a lot of people "freaking out."

David Letterman's Time Has Finally Come

Hamilton Nolan · 06/10/09 11:57AM

David Letterman, who has been quietly doing his second-place late night joker show over on CBS like forever, is all of a sudden beating the Tonight Show in the ratings. Calling Sarah Palin a slut really pays off!