Frank Gifford Fucked Johnny Carson's Wife

Max Read · 10/07/13 02:12PM

Why was an armed Johnny Carson weeping in a Los Angeles apartment? Because he found out football star and broadcaster Frank Gifford was fucking his wife.

Mel Blanc the Voice of All the Looney Toon Characters on Johnny Carson

Blaire Baxter · 04/05/11 02:15PM

Mel Blanc was nicknamed The Man of a Thousand Voices, he voiced majority of looney toon character like bugs bunnny and daffy duck. He passed away in 1989 and on his tombstone it reads, That's all folks!. Here is an old clip of him doing some characters on Johnny Carson.

The Late Night Wars: A Video Chronology (1984-2010)

Matt Cherette · 01/25/10 08:10PM

Last Friday, Conan O'Brien bid The Tonight Show adieu. Jay Leno will reclaim the "King of Late Night" title in March. But to understand the present, one must know the past: here's how we got to where we are now.

Conan Says Goodbye to The Tonight Show

Anderson Evans · 01/25/10 01:03PM

Conan's final Tonight Show was emotional, but there were no outbursts, no fires, no car wrecks. On a night where he could say anything, Conan attacked only cynicism and thanked NBC for what they gave before any promises had broken.

The Breakup of Brangelina Rages Through the Morning

Foster Kamer · 01/24/10 12:00PM

Like Bombs Over Baghdad, Brangelina Breakup insanity continuous through the morning. Andy Dick's non-story sobriety. Johnny Carson: miserable bastard. Michael C. Hall: cunning cancer strategies. Sundance suckage, Susan Boyle rocks, Axl Rose doesn't. Presenting your epic Sunday Morning Gossip Roundup.

Never Piss Off David Letterman

The Cajun Boy · 07/22/09 08:29PM

John Michael Higgins isn't a household name, but you've probably seen him acting in Christopher Guest films and/or as Wayne Jarvis on Arrested Development. He also portrayed Letterman in The Late Shift, something he says Letterman still hates him for.

Ed McMahon: TV's Affable Uncle

Richard Lawson · 06/23/09 09:01AM

Sad news about the death of Ed McMahon today, a TV icon who represented a disappearing breed—of ubiquitous, up-for-anything TV personality, of a colloquial ease with the camera that transcended any silly show he found himself on.

Letterman vs. Conan: Who Ya Got?

The Cajun Boy · 06/01/09 03:42AM

Tonight Conan O'Brien takes over the reins of the Tonight Show and he'll probably score huge ratings because it's his first show and everyone will be curious to see what the new show looks like. But who are you going to watch at 11:35 after all the hoopla dies down?

Showbiz Monkeys: A History

Sheila · 03/14/08 02:54PM

This is awesome: a brief history on monkeys in film, from Ink 19. After all, who could forget that classic 1994 Thora Birch vehicle, Monkey Trouble? We love how author Vincent Basilicato sets down the rules: "Concentration here will be on real monkeys rather than created ones." In other words, Mighty Joe Young and Dr. Zaius do not count. We also appreciate nerdy segues such as, "Chimpanzees pretty much ruled Hollywood for the next 40 years," and the fact that even though many of these animals are technically apes or whatever, it's more fun to call them monkeys. Did you know? Showbiz chimps can get fired, just like everybody else...

Wayne Newton Recalls The Pain Of Being The Richard Simmons Of The Carson Era

seth · 11/30/07 05:05PM

Until we saw this clip from Larry King Live last night, we honestly had no clue how hard Johnny Carson made things for our secretly favorite Dancing with the Stars contestant, Wayne Newton, who couldn't pull on a single, sequined polyester outfit and launch into song in a Las Vegas floorshow without having the late night despot crack some crass joke questioning his sexuality. (And later, he claims, finagling him a spot on a Mafia's Most Wanted hit list.)