Study: Op-Ed Pages Full of Boring Important People

Hamilton Nolan · 08/25/11 02:28PM

In your soggy Thursday media column: hurricane coverage rules the universe, commenters can sometimes write, John Podhoretz discusses cocks, the NYT op-ed section is not working class, and Jack Shafer says goodbye.

What Might You Expect From The New 'Commentary'?

Pareene · 10/18/07 04:50PM

Commentary, the political magazine most famously edited by former literary party animal turned conservative crank Norman Podhoretz, is changing editors for just the fourth time in its 61-year history. Everyone please welcome five-time Jeopardy! champ John Podhoretz, the flightier, flakier son of Norm! Now that the magazine has long completed its transition from home of critical thinking from legendary figures like Lionel Trilling to clearinghouse for vitriolic uber-Zionist right wing bullshit with too many three-dollar words for the Weekly Standard (originally JP's venture with fellow son-of-famous-conservative Bill Kristol), the editor of the New York Post's intellectually rigorous editorial page is the perfect figure to lead it into this glorious neo-conservative future.

AJ Jacobs Now Ready To Break Some Commandments

Joshua Stein · 10/03/07 02:02PM

Last night Esquire scribe and gimmick book writer AJ Jacobs celebrated the publication of his latest, The Year of Biblical Living, a memoir about the healing process after his husband died. Oh wait. That's the other Year of Adjective Present Participle book. This one traces Jacobs' efforts to live his life according to the strictures of the Old Testament. Sounds hard, right? According to Jacobs, it was! The book party was heavily attended by Esquire editors and was at an Upper East Side bar called Genesis. Get it? And we didn't have to blow anyone to get tickets.

Single goy

Gawker · 12/20/02 09:40AM

John Podhoretz, proof that online dating can work miracles, did have the advantage of being Jewish. Here's a cry of despair from a single goy, eliminated by New York's ruthlessly selective dating machines: "I don't like music enough, I'm not artsy enough, I'm too much like a banker, but not enough like a lawyer, and I am definitely NOT Jewish enough, or at all for that matter."
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Sex sells at AOL

Gawker · 12/16/02 12:25PM

Michael Wolff goes trolling AOL chat roomsyou know, for research purposes and reveals what has long been the Internet's biggest open secret: AOL is essentially an "adult entertainment" business. Wolff correctly surmises that Time Warner "doesn't get it." Online dating is now socially acceptable, and the dirty side of AOL gets more respectable as the taboos about meeting people online erode. (John Podhoretz is doing it for chrissakes!)
You've got sex [NY Magazine]