Wintour Daughter 'Nervous' Abour Finding Journalism Work

Ryan Tate · 11/24/08 06:44AM
  • Anna Wintour's daughter Bee Shaffer, the aspiring journalist, is graduating from Columbia in May and is "really nervous about the fact nobody's hiring right now." If she gets desperate she could take one of those awful personal assistant jobs working for a magazine editor. (She won't get desperate.) [NYM]

The Scale of Celebrity Death

Richard Lawson · 06/17/08 03:10PM

Tim Russert died. I'm not sure if you've heard. But, yes, the Meet the Press moderator and dedicated D.C. journalist passed away, at a too-young 58, last week and the media has been in a frenzy since. Jack Shafer at Slate (among many others, I'm sure) feels that the coverage is a bit overdone. Yes Russert was by all accounts a good guy and a good worker and just one of those decent people that feel in short supply, especially in Washington, especially in the media. But isn't it still a bit much? All the tributes and montages and teary testimonials. I mean, nearly every life deserves parades and fireworks and tears and montages when it ends. But, because this is on TV and people are being paid, somewhere, doesn't this seem all a bit circusy? Maybe that's cynical, but television has, to some extent, earned our cynicism. If this is indeed a "circus," then where does it rank among other notable, much-covered celebrity deaths? A writer for Psychology Today says it's the biggest death since John Lennon. We disagree. We'll put this all in some context after the jump.

Imagine Ben Stein

Hamilton Nolan · 06/03/08 09:56AM

Expelled, the wacky new intelligent design movie produced by "Bueller"-droning actor and financial clod Ben Stein, has won the right to use the John Lennon song "Imagine," triumphing over Yoko Ono in court yesterday. "Nothing to kill or die for/ And no religion too." Well, Lennon appreciated irony. [WSJ]

STV · 04/24/08 03:30PM

This just in! Swaggering $3 million man and new Yoko Ono lawsuit target Ben Stein responds to his latest nemesis via press release: "So Yoko Ono is suing over the brief Constitutionally protected use of a song that wants us to 'Imagine no possessions'? Maybe instead of wasting everyone's time trying to silence a documentary she should give the song to the world for free? After all, 'imagine all the people sharing all the world...You may say I'm a dreamer But I'm not the only one I hope someday you'll join us And the World can live as one.'" No doubt a fitting rejoinder from a man who once provided legal counsel to Richard Nixon. Good luck, Ben! [Movie City Indie]

Gossip roundup

Gawker · 04/15/03 01:11PM

· Speculation about which antagonist will be invited to the White House Correspondent's Dinner on April 26th: Matt Drudge reports that several media outlets are considering documentarian Michael Moore, most recently famous for his anti-Bush tirade during the Oscars. [Page Six]
· President Bush's favorite painting of himself was done by a former gay porn star. [Page Six]
· FHM's 50 Most Eligible Bachelorettes include Lauren Bush (1), Pia Getty (6), the Hilton sisters (19), Charlotte Ronson (23), and J-Lo's sister (41). [Page Six]
· One of actress Melanie Griffith's most prized possessions is a bronze replica of husband Antonio Banderas's phallus that she keeps in their bedroom. [Page Six]
· Yoko Ono on John Lennon: "He would never say: 'Let's go dancing,' It's kind of a woman thing, I guess." [NY Daily News]