John Krasinski and Emily Blunt Strike Back in Prank War With Kimmel

Jay Hathaway · 12/16/14 12:45PM

Jimmy Kimmel happens to be neighbors with Emily Blunt and John Krasinski, and he's been in an ongoing Christmas prank war with the couple since they got married a few years back. Last year, Kimmel covered their entire house in wrapping paper and littered their walk with reindeer shit, so it was incumbent upon them, according to the doctrine of mutually assured holiday destruction, to hit back even harder.

Battlestar Is Back, Baby

Richard Lawson · 10/20/11 05:30PM

It is, it really is! Also today: Matt Damon makes more plans to head behind the camera, a recent literary hit goes to TV, and something about Dallas.

Big Miracle: Drew Barrymore Saves the Whales

Richard Lawson · 09/26/11 03:19PM

Here's a trailer for Big Miracle, a true-life story of a bunch of people who got together to save some whales. Because everybody loves whales. In fact, the movie used to be called Everybody Loves Whales.

Finally, Rich People Get Some Attention

Richard Lawson · 06/23/11 05:15PM

After years of oppression, rich people in LA are at last going to get the treatment they deserve. Also today: Superman has a new mom, Game of Thrones has a new queen, David O. Russell likes lookin' at the ladies, and some Good Wife news.

Jason Segel and John Krasinski Crash Bachelorette Party, Sing Drunken Karaoke

Whitney Jefferson · 06/22/11 02:50PM

As the story goes, an inebriated John Krasinski and Jason Segel crashed a bachelorette party in Ann Arbor, Michigan last night. TMZ has video of the pair singing "Brown Eyed Girl" with the lucky bride-to-be and a sex doll, but we're pretty taken with their performance of Joe Cocker's "A Little Help With My Friends." And damn if we don't love watching drunk celebrities sing songs together.

Lindsay Lohan Is Off the Hook

Richard Lawson · 12/24/10 09:58AM

It looks like Lohan might not face criminal charges for her rehab assault kerfuffle. Lindsay's spirit sister Demi Lovato has reached similar peace in her life. Zac Efron has shaved his hair and it is sad. Britney Spears shops.

The Best of Halloween Costumes on The Office

Henry Baker · 10/29/10 02:55AM

Tonight's episode was a spooktacular (sorry) jaunt through the corridors of Dunder Mifflin, and every character, save Jim, had a clever outfit. Damn you Jim. We also had some deliciously classic awkwardness with Pam and Danny.

Behold The Adorable Dwight Schrute Day Care Center

Henry Baker · 09/30/10 08:45PM

Jim and Pam are looking for a closer Day Care, so enter Dwight, the new building owner, who might just help them out. Who wouldn't want to leave their child with Mose?

Jealous Bon Jovi Throws a Hissy Fit Over U2

Maureen O'Connor · 07/26/10 09:12AM

Jon Bon Jovi gets in a fame fight with Bono. Lindsay Lohan "made some friends" in jail. Paris Hilton humiliates her ex-boyfriend. Pooping pigeons ruin a Kings of Leon show. Monday gossip takes sides.

Katy Perry Danced So Hard She Broke Something

Maureen O'Connor · 06/23/10 09:23AM

"17 stitches later" Katy Perry contemplates using a walker onstage. The cast of Glee won't stop banging on set. Conan and Lance Armstrong get in a Twitter fight. Tiki Barber is broke. Wednesday gossip gets you through the hump.