Some Ideas for Saving Newt Gingrich's Collapsing Florida Campaign

Jim Newell · 01/27/12 01:39PM

God, Newt Gingrich blew it so badly in last night's debate. After lobbying for several days to allow debate audiences to cheer again, and landing Wolf Blitzer, the most destructible sally of a debate moderator in world history, he simply allowed Mitt Romney to take advantage of the crowd and win the debate and couldn't even scream Wolf Blitzer back into his cubby hole of sadness once.

Homeless Man Jumps White House Fence Live on CNN

Max Read · 08/02/11 09:33PM

CNN anchor John King's show John King U.S.A. is usually very boring. But not tonight! No, tonight a homeless guy jumped the White House fence right behind where King was shooting. Take that, MSNBC!

CNN Will Rinse Your Mouth With Soap

Jim Newell · 01/19/11 12:18PM

CNN's John King apologized on the air yesterday for a guest's use of the term "crosshairs" while describing the Chicago mayor's race. Oh, CNN. You keep playing nanny well after the rest of us have stopped caring.

cityfile · 11/12/09 03:14PM

• John King will be replacing Lou Dobbs at 7pm on CNN. [WP, NYT]
• CNN execs had been looking to part ways with Dobbs for many months now, although CNN president Jon Klein is denying that all the anti-Dobbs fervor had anything to do with his leaving. Meanwhile, Dobbs' departure is expected to leave up to 30 people without jobs. [TDB, NYT, AP]
• Dobbs' first post-CNN interview will be with Bill O'Reilly. Naturally. [DF]
• Iconix, the apparel company that owns Candie's, Badgley Mischka, and Rocawear, among other brands, is in talks to buy Playboy Enterprises. [BN]
• Bloomberg LP is ducking out of paying severance to BW staffers. [AdAge]
• A dozen staffers were laid off at Newsweek today. [Gawker]
Martin Scorsese will receive the DeMille award at the Golden Globes. [LAT]
Katie Couric is assembling media power lists now, apparently. [Forbes]

Dick Cheney's Personal Death Squads Not Worth Asking About

Ryan Tate · 03/15/09 08:41PM

Hey, CNN: You've got a long sit-down with Dick Cheney. Would you like to maybe ask him about the newly-revealed assassination squads that reported directly to him, bypassing all military commanders?

The New Yorker's Seymour Hersh just spilled the beans on the roving killer team in Minnesota, leaving everyone terrified, as the investigative reporter tends to do, since he's constantly revealing, accurately, various secret horrors.

Magic Wall Guy Gets Own Show!

Pareene · 12/08/08 06:09PM

Hey, good for John King. The blue-eyed, silver-haired CNN guy who isn't Anderson Cooper, and who is famous for manipulating a giant iPhone to display election results, will get a four-hour Sunday show on CNN. Jon Klein calls him "the best political reporter of his generation," even though John King honestly just manipulates a giant fucking iPhone and talks about demographics. Media "critic" Howard Kurtz's "Reliable Source" show will be a part of this new show, as well, and we'll continue not watching CNN, because honestly it's worse than Fox, in its own way. [CNN]

How the MSM end-ran Obama

Paul Boutin · 08/25/08 11:20AM

Barack Obama's campaign has been the most successful end-run of the mainstream media machine in American politics. But the senator's plan to text-message his announcement of a running mate at 3 a.m. Saturday —- deliberately out of step with the MSM news cycle — was beaten to the punch by a collusion of two factions: Experienced reporters out to get the scoop, and people close to the politicians who didn't get the gig.