Donald Trump's Endorsement of Mitt Romney Leads to Some Class Warfare on the Set of the Daily Show

Matt Toder · 02/02/12 11:28PM

On tonight's Daily Show, Donald Trump's endorsement of Mitt Romney lead to a discussion about class warfare between Jon Stewart and correspondent John Hodgman. More accurately, it is the case that Hodgman has no stomach for Stewart's brand of liberal whining about the rich having it all and some such. It's a spirited debate, one that touches the very essence of what kind of place this nation truly is. Or maybe it's filled with vague platitudes about "haves" and "soon to haves." Either way.

Bored to Death's Creator Would Like to Buy You a Drink

Seth Abramovitch · 12/21/11 02:28AM

Saddened over the recent loss of HBO's hipster mystery (mipstery?) Bored To Death? So is Jonathan Ames, the guy who created it. But what's the point in wallowing in self-pity, if you can wallow in self-pity while drunk and surrounded by dozens of sympathetic fans? Wait, did I say dozens? How about hundreds! Thousands! No wait, dozens is probably for the best. Ames hopped on to Twitter tonight to announce that all fans of the series in the area should meet him at the Brooklyn Inn on Wednesday night for a drink on him. And he promised John Hodgman will be there! There is literally no down side here, people. Except the loss of Bored to Death, and the possibility of a fire hazard. But free drink! So... [@JonathanAmes]

John Hodgman's Broadcast Correspondent's Speech: Obama Is The First Nerd

Foster Kamer · 06/20/09 12:30PM

John Hodgman nailed an utterly hysterical speech to President Obama at the Radio and Television Correspondents dinner yesterday, slagging on media for a while, before hopefully designating Obama as our first nerd president. Obama's Vulcan salute after the jump.

Happy Birthday

cityfile · 06/03/09 06:49AM

CNN's Anderson Cooper turns 42 today. Tennis star Rafael Nadal is turning 23. Humorist/Apple pitchman John Hodgman is 38. Stanford law professor and Internet pioneer Lawrence Lessig is 48. Raul Castro, the president of Cuba, is turning 78. Actor Tony Curtis is turning 84. John Barlow, the Broadway publicist and partner of producer Scott Rudin, is 41. High Line advocate Josh David turns 46. Phish bassist Mike Gordon is 44. Melissa Mathison, the ET screenwriter and ex-wife of Harrison Ford, is 59. And former game show host and Confessions of a Dangerous Mind author Chuck Barris turns 80 today.

The Tuesday Party Report

cityfile · 01/27/09 01:40PM

Mary Louise Parker was the center of attention at the Roundabout Theatre on Sunday for the opening night of her new Broadway show, Hedda Gabler. Parker and her co-stars, Michael Cerveris, Peter Stormare, and Paul Sparks, and the play's director Christopher Shinnas were joined at the play and after-party by Liza Minnelli, Joan Rivers, Blythe Danner, Mamie Gummer, Amy Irving, Billy Stritch, and Tovah Feldshuh. [PMc, Wireimage, GoaG]

The Twitterati Have Many Regrets

Owen Thomas · 01/09/09 05:04PM

Twitter users are a sorry bunch. Especially the media! Errata, excuses, and eye-rolling from today's tweets:

"But I need the Mac to find Cyprus on a map!"

Owen Thomas · 11/11/08 07:00PM

John Hodgman, the comedian and author better known for his role as "PC" in Apple ads, pretends to tussle with Brittany Bohnet. Bohnet, who worked for Apple as an on-campus marketing rep and now markets Google Maps, is better known for her appearance in the now-infamous Cyprus video. Note Hodgman's strangely girlish hands, which are barely bigger than Bohnet's. Can you put those facts together and come up with a better caption? The best will become the post's new headline. Yesterday's winner: actionhero11, for "The new free meal program at the Googleplex." (Photo via Brittany Bohnet's Tumblr)

Spamasterpiece Theatre

cityfile · 10/02/08 08:18AM

Looking for a little diversion from the disturbing news about the bailout, economic meltdown, and upcoming elections? You can now watch Apple pitchman John Hodgman read his spam email aloud, if you're so inclined. [BBtv]

Eva Longoria, John Hodgman clone lead Seinfeld replacements at Microsoft

Nicholas Carlson · 09/18/08 09:20AM

With Jerry Seinfeld gone, Microsoft's new ad campaign will become an aggressive response to Apple's Mac vs. PC ads, with actress Eva Longoria, singer Pharrell Williams, author Deepak Chopra and a slew of what the New York Times calls "everyday PC users, from scientists and fashion designers to shark hunters and teachers," proudly proclaiming "I'm a PC." In one ad, a Microsoft engineer who looks like John Hodgman, the actor who plays PC in Apple's commercials, will the commercial: "Hello, I’m a PC, and I’ve been made into a stereotype.”Experts told the New York Times the campaign reminds them of how rental car company Hertz finally responded to Avis's slogan "We’re No. 2. We try harder," with a campaign that declared: “For years, Avis has been telling you Hertz is No. 1. Now we’re going to tell you why.” But for me, it just brings to mind that old clip of an angry Larry Ellison responding to a reporter asks him "what's new about what Microsoft's doing." "What's new is nothing's new," Ellison says.

The 5 goofiest computer ads

Paul Boutin · 09/05/08 02:00PM

Microsoft's new Seinfeld ad campaign proves you can't predict success. Here are five goofy ads that worked — plus the clip that probably sold Microsoft on Seinfeld. Above: A parody of Jacques Cousteau's undersea documentaries for Sun Microsystems.

Who Should Serial Monogamist Drew Barrymore Date Next?

Molly Friedman · 07/08/08 01:35PM

After sufficiently mourning the split between Justin Long and Drew Barrymore by giving our iBook a tearful embrace, we found ourselves facing a familiar Drew-inspired dilemma: figuring out who the serial dater extraordinaire will add to her illustrious list of ex-boyfriends next. Even before sort of settling down with the Strokes’ token hottie Fabrizio Moretti, Barrymore winked and giggled her way into the hearts of a wildly eccentric group of actors, musicians, comedians, sex tape vendors, drug addicts, directors and Firecrotch ranters. She’s aimed high (Leo), low (Feldman), and was an early member of the Lesbian Chic bandwagon. After the jump, we take a look at all her past paramours in order to narrow down our own suggested candidates for the next round.

Why John Hodgman can afford to mock Twitter users

Jackson West · 04/18/08 04:20PM

Daily Show correspondent turned Apple pitchman John Hodgman is on Twitter, and he's using it to mock the habits of Twitter users. His salvos include entries like " BATTLESTAR GALACTICA REFERENCE," "VAGUE SHOUTOUT ('Cheers, @SFslim!')" and "GRADE A NON-SEQUITIR." Normally, this would be a bad self-promotional strategy. But as you can see from this complicated (and very scientific) Venn diagram which illustrates the interlocking audiences gripped by Hodg-mania, all Twitter users already fall into fan bases generated by other media channels, so Hodgman can abuse them at will. Except, of course, for hobos. Never, ever mock hobos if you know what's good for you.

Ballmer's secret plan to inseminate world with Vista

Nicholas Carlson · 02/05/08 12:20PM

Maybe the news got lost in the hubbub surrounding Microsoft's offer to buy Yahoo, but last week Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer finally admitted the company needs to do a better job marketing Windows Vista. To demonstrate Microsoft's new marketing plan with a visual metaphor, Ballmer and Co. hired circus performers to dress as sperm, wriggling their way into a giant blue egg, which could stand for the earth — the world of IT. At least, that's what this photo, taken by CNET's Caroline McCarthy during the event in which Ballmer revealed his plans, seems to convey. Why couldn't they just hire away John Hodgman? He may complain about typecasting, but he's perfect for the role.

John Hodgman

cityfile · 02/03/08 09:34PM

A modern Renaissance man, Hodgman purveys his brand of nerdy, self-effacing humor in books, on the web, and on TV and radio.