New York Times Discovers Secret Blogger Hangout

Maureen O'Connor · 04/03/10 03:34PM

All they need now is a pipe bomb, and they will never be scooped again. Tom & Jerry's is a dive bar near our office. It's also "Elaine's for the glittering digital set," "where everyone knows your Twitter handle."

The Employment Shuffle

Hamilton Nolan · 09/18/08 01:51PM

John Carney, editor of the readable financial news and gossip site Dealbreaker (founded by original Gawker Elizabeth Spiers), is leaving to edit a new, similar site from Silicon Alley Insider called "ClusterStock." Caroline Waxler, formerly at, will be heading up fellow SAI blog the Business Sheet. SAI itself is losing its managing editor Peter Kafka, who will be starting a new media and advertising blog for AllThingsD. And wrestling champ Alex "Blue States Lose" Blagg is leaving his blogging gig at BestWeekEver. See, jobs exist!

Will blogger finally get to "#&%$!ing drop" Jason Calacanis tonight?

Nicholas Carlson · 03/19/08 02:20PM

Mahalo founder Jason Calacanis will host a dinner at New York Chinese restaurant Golden Unicorn tonight. He's calling it Dim Sum 2.0. I'm going, but not for the lazy susan full of food. The last time Calacanis hosted one of these during a trip to New York, it was the night after Calacanis and DealBreaker blogger John Carney nearly came to blows. At the end of a fundraiser for Mouse, Carney allegedly told Calacanis "I will #&%$!ing drop you to the floor." The pair didn't come to blows, but maybe they just needed a little encouragement?