CIA Says It Won't Waterboard Anymore, No Matter What Donald Trump Says

Gabrielle Bluestone · 04/11/16 08:25AM

Donald Trump’s rallies generally boil down to three main points: He’s going to build a wall, Mexico’s going to pay for it, and he’s going to waterboard a bunch of terrorists. It’s hard to imagine any of those things actually happening, but the CIA says the waterboarding plan is 100 percent off the table.

CIA Director John Brennan Bravely Holds Out Against Saying "Torture" 

Tom Scocca · 12/12/14 03:35PM

Is the CIA physically capable of speaking the truth about its torture program? Not under conventional interrogation. About 20 minutes into CIA director John Brennan's somber-squirrel performance in his press conference yesterday, a reporter for the Associated Press asked him a pointed question: "Do you agree with President Obama's statement that the CIA, in common parlance, tortured detainees?"