Happy Birthday

cityfile · 06/03/09 06:49AM

CNN's Anderson Cooper turns 42 today. Tennis star Rafael Nadal is turning 23. Humorist/Apple pitchman John Hodgman is 38. Stanford law professor and Internet pioneer Lawrence Lessig is 48. Raul Castro, the president of Cuba, is turning 78. Actor Tony Curtis is turning 84. John Barlow, the Broadway publicist and partner of producer Scott Rudin, is 41. High Line advocate Josh David turns 46. Phish bassist Mike Gordon is 44. Melissa Mathison, the ET screenwriter and ex-wife of Harrison Ford, is 59. And former game show host and Confessions of a Dangerous Mind author Chuck Barris turns 80 today.

Which Gay Power Couples Are California-Bound?

cityfile · 06/17/08 11:04AM

So the gays are officially marrying each other in California. And there are a few celebrities sprinkled in among the hordes of couples now rushing to the altar: George "Mr. Sulu" Takei of Star Trek married his partner Brat Altman today, and Ellen DeGeneres says she plans to marry her longtime girlfriend, Portia De Rossi, later this month. But what about here in New York? Which locals are going to take advantage of David Paterson's recent decision to recognize same-sex marriages performed elsewhere and fly out West to pick up a marriage license of their own?