Get Ready for More Lawyers!

Richard Lawson · 07/26/11 05:05PM

Everyone's favorite lawyer show has been renewed for a second season. Cue champagne! Also today: John Goodman will make you laugh, Mimi Leder will make you cry, and Haley Reinhart will make

Every Gross Detail About Speidi's Sex Tape and the Hell It Hath Wrought

Maureen O'Connor · 08/23/10 08:39AM

Welcome to Monday's gossip roundup, in which we gather every horrifying new detail about Speidi's sex tape (blackmail! ultimatums!) and how it inspires Snooki's ex. Meanwhile, Brad Pitt wants to murder BP executives and LiLo's lawyer heads back to court.

Team Party Crash: Elton John's Oscar Viewing Party · 03/08/10 02:21AM

We went to the Elton John AIDS Foundation dinner at the Pacific Design Center tonight. The one we weren't invited to. (Ah, back doors.) But it really wasn't anything too exciting.

Pick the Most Loathsome Financial Villain

John Cook · 03/18/09 02:59PM

The New Depression rolls on and those overpaid AIG failures are this week's target for populist wrath. But do you hate them more than last week's villains? Embrace your hate and vote in our poll.

Schwarzenegger thwarted by state payroll still run on Cobol

Paul Boutin · 08/06/08 05:20PM

Last week — it's amazing how many tech workers missed it — California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger "terminated" (sigh) 10,000 state employees and cut another 200,000 to the state minimum wage of $6.55 an hour. Democratic state controller John Chiang (Schwarzenegger is a Republican, despite his marriage into the Kennedy family) told the Sacramento Bee that it would take at least six months to reconfigure the state's payroll system to issue blanket checks at minimum wage. The state had hired retired Cobol experts to work part-time on the system. Schwarzenegger fired them last week. Entrepreneurs, start your engines — I smell opportunity! (Cobol code from SimoTime Enterprises)