Melissa and Joey: Melissa Explains It All

nightintern · 08/24/10 08:19PM

What do you do when you try to get a date but you're embarrassed about your nanny job? According to tonight's episode of Melissa and Joey: you lie. Watch as Clarissa—I mean, Melissa—explains it all to Joey.

Melissa & Joey is, essentially, Who's The Boss?

nightintern · 08/18/10 10:05AM

In this clip from the second episode — which aired after the pilot Tuesday — stockbroker-turned-nanny Joey is moving himself into aunt-turned-guardian Melissa's basement. It may be the very definition of "situation comedy," but the actors are irreverent and likable.

Joey Lawrence Explains the Origin of "Whoa!"

Morgan Barry · 08/17/10 01:45PM

Joey Lawrence stopped by Regis and Kelly to discuss his latest project, but who wants to hear about that? Today, as I'm sure it always does, the conversation shifted to his Blossom days and Joe told his story of "Whoa!"

Happy Birthday

cityfile · 04/20/09 06:30AM

Carmen Electra is 37 today. Jessica Lange is 60. Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens turns 89. Real estate mogul Bill Rudin is turning 54. Ryan O'Neal is 68. Author Heidi Julavits is 41. Victoria's Secret supermodel Miranda Kerr turns 26. NFL Network chief Steve Bornstein turns 57. Artist Matthew Day Jackson is 35. George Takei of Star Trek fame is turning 72. Journalist Andrew Tobias is 62. And '80s sitcom star Joey Lawrence turns 33 today.

Joey Lawrence Knows His Place

gawktern · 04/26/07 12:04PM

The date: April 21st
The time: 12pm
The place: Norma's at Le Parker Meridien, 118 W. 57th Street
Sighted: "Joey Lawrence dining alone at Norma's at the Parker Meridien. Was listening to his iPod and singing to himself while reading some sort of script. I think it said Chicago on it. Will we be seeing him on Broadway soon?! Woah!"

Citizen Paparazzi: Real-Time Stalking Joey Lawrence At The H&M

mark · 11/16/06 08:23PM

The Defamer Special Correspondent on the Shopping Habits of Former 'Tiger Beat' Cover Models is on the scene at the new H&M store in the Beverly Center, fearlessly providing us with this blurry cameraphone photo and a real-time report on the whereabouts of off-puttingly smooth-headed Dancing with the Stars also-ran Joey Lawrence. Blackberries our operative as he tries to avoid detection: