The Cast for Jersey Shore Shark Attack Is Totally Awesome

Brian Moylan · 12/05/11 04:05PM

Spelling-challenged cable network Syfy has announced the cast of their latest schlocktastic made-for-television movie, Jersey Shore Shark Attack. No matter how you feel about Jersey Shore you're going to love this.

Happy Birthday

cityfile · 01/28/10 06:51AM

The man calling the shots at the new New York Times, Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim, is celebrating his birthday today: He's 70. (Let's hope Arthur Sulzberger Jr. didn't forget to send a gift.) French president Nicolas Sarkozy is turning 55. Elijah Wood turns 29 today. Sarah McLachlan is 42. Alan Alda is turning 74. Writer/comedian Mo Rocca is 41. Liberal radio host Randi Rhodes is 51. Rick Warren, the controversial pastor and self-help author, is turning 56. The rapper Rakim turns 42. Former 'N Sync member Joey Fatone is 33. And former Backstreet Boy Nick Carter turns 30 today.

Happy Birthday

cityfile · 01/28/09 07:30AM

Bon anniversaire, monsieur le président! France's Nicolas Sarkozy turns 54 today. The most popular man at the New York Times, Mexican billionaire—and NYT investor—Carlos Slim Helú, is 69. Elijah Wood is 28. Actor Alan Alda is 73. Comedian Mo Rocca is turning 40. Nick Carter is turning 29. Sarah McLachlan is 41. Joey Fatone is 32. The rapper Rakim is 41. And power-hungry, homophobic pastor Rick Warren is celebrating 55 years on God's green earth today.


cityfile · 09/17/08 09:19AM

Sienna Miller walking through SoHo with a cigarette in her mouth ... Kelly Ripa running on a treadmill for a segment on Regis & Kelly ... Sofia Coppola pushing her daughter in a stroller ... Joey Fatone and a friend walking back to their hotel ... Kate Winslet giving her son a piggyback ride ... Jon Bon Jovi and his wife on a street corner in SoHo ... Matthew Broderick riding a scooter with his son ... Katie Holmes walking to a waiting car ... Kirsten Dunst posing for photos with fans at Yankee Stadium ... Sandra Bernhard hailing a cab ... Parker Posey sipping iced coffee and walking her dog ... Dylan Lauren and Mickey Boardman posing with a giant Swedish Fish at a party at Dylan's Candy Bar ... and John Mayer making his way into Butter.

mark · 09/10/07 04:46PM

"Joey Fatone translated a very successful run on 'Dancing with the Stars' to a hosting job on NBC's "The Singing Bee" and a second hosting spot for this year's red carpet arrival for the Emmy Awards for the TV Guide network. The multi-talented Fatone has the personality and recognition factor to make him the kind of person that executives want to host their shows."

Pre-Strike Surge In Movie Production Causing Acute Director Shortage

mark · 08/22/07 02:14PM

· Hollywood Out of Directors: "Dimension Films has set a November 26 start date for Comeback, an inspirational sports drama that Ice Cube will star in and produce. Fred Durst will direct." [Variety]
· 13.9 million viewers tuned in to watch The Hoff declare the guy with his hand up a turtle puppet's ass the Most Talented Man in America. [THR]
· FX greenlights Nip/Tuck creator Ryan Murphy's transsexual drama 4 oz., but since the pitch was bought in the room by president John Landegraf, the central tranny's vocation has been changed from sportswriter to gynecologist. (Was it originally too close to the story of the LAT's Mike Penner/Christine Daniels?) Murphy ambitiously envisions his protagonist's journey from male ladydoctor to lady ladydoctor to unfold over four seasons. [Variety]
· A study claims that people's internet-time is now rivaling their TV-time, a finding that the studios will do their best to ignore during their fight with the various guilds over online residuals. [THR]
· Joey Fatone is trying to become TV Guide Channel's budget-friendly answer to Ryan Seacrest. [Variety]