The Soup Takes on Rebecca Black and the Ark Music Factory

Whitney Jefferson · 03/21/11 02:50PM

You're kidding yourself if you thought that Joel McHale and the Soup crew wouldn't have a field day with the Rebecca Black and the new trend of terrible music videos. Unfortunately, even they aren't immune to the infectious "Friday."

Joel McHale Heckles Newlyweds on the Late Late Show

Whitney Jefferson · 02/24/11 02:00PM

McHale continued his streak of heckling poor, unsuspecting audience members (remember Jesse?) last night when he poked fun at the newlyweds sitting in the front row. Later, Craig Ferguson called out Joel for changing and "going Hollywood."

Jeff Garlin Shows Up Wearing Joel's Outfit on The Soup

Whitney Jefferson · 02/07/11 02:00PM

This week on The Soup, Joel points out that Charlie Sheen is screwing his entire staff out of work, how The Bachelor cameramen aren't paid to care, and that the Egyptians were just swooning over Anderson Cooper's eyes.

The Soup Takes on The Bachelor, Ted Williams and Jersey Shore

Whitney Jefferson · 01/17/11 12:37PM

This week on The Soup: Ted Williams' real rock bottom is his "Chicks, Man" clip, two gems from Jersey Shore, Train's Bachelor appearance, America's oldest dancing couple, and we're introduced to TruTV's hysterically-horrible new show Bait Car.

The Soup Names The Top 5 Clips of the Year

Whitney Jefferson · 01/03/11 01:05PM

While the rest of us forgot that television programming really existed over the past few weeks, The Soup was busy with their annual Clipdown of the year's best moments in television. The clip of the year? Here's a hint: Dunka-doo-balls!

The Soup Celebrates 300 Episodes

Whitney Jefferson · 12/06/10 12:22PM

Over the past six years, The Soup has recorded 300 freakin' episodes! To celebrate, the show dug out clips from the vault, convinced a few of their targets to send congrats, and brought back favorites like Sanjaya and Spaghetti Cat.