Who's Happier, Nicole Richie The Bony Party Girl Or Nicole Richie The New Mom?

Molly Friedman · 05/05/08 03:20PM

Will Nicole Richie (shocker!) ultimately wind up just like that other tabloid favorite who got knocked up a wee early and eventually morphed into a ripped pantyhose-wearing, bathtub-hopping gurney-strapped party girl? As MSNBC reports, Richie is finding herself torn between the So! Wonderful! life of motherhood and domestic bliss all those parenting magazines assure us is pure happiness, and her former profession as a full-time mischief causer:

Remember The Days When The Last Person Paris Hilton Wanted To Be Was Nicole Richie?

Molly Friedman · 05/02/08 07:50PM

It's tough to remember (or believe) that once upon a time, Nicole Richie was merely Paris Hilton's chubby, recently-rehabbed, dread-locked sidekick. She made a name for herself by starting fights in clubs and providing a crude antidote to the far more glamorous Paris during the first season of The Simple Life. Fast-forward five years later (just like in Lost!); Richie has managed to outshine Hilton's star status not by doing anything in the way of "work," but instead by transforming into a style icon with a fiance and baby to boot. And lately, Paris seems to be doing everything in her power to copy her former lesser half's life, from her choices in fashion and boyfriends to her recent and sudden slim-down.

Paris Hilton Wants 'Double Wedding' With Frenemy Nicole Richie And Brothers Madden

Molly Friedman · 04/21/08 05:25PM

With news that Paris Hilton is just dying to plan a "double wedding" with Nicole Richie and baby daddy Joel Madden, we've decided that the heiress has a hard time determining what exactly makes for marriage material. Hilton and Madden's brother Benji haven't even announced any engagements via blog post yet, but Paris isn't wasting any time daydreaming about matching hers and Nicole's matching wedding gowns and, if we're lucky, an off-key duet of "Stars Are Blind" sung at the altar by the dual vocal powerhouse that is P&N. But at just 26, just how many times has Paris found the man she plans on spending the rest of her beautiful life with? We took a look back at the modern day Liz Taylor in the making:

Nicole Richie's New Baby Already Eschewing Mom's Dieting Advice

Molly Friedman · 02/28/08 12:02PM

After shelling out a reported $1MM to Nicole Richie and That Guy From Good Charlotte, People unveiled their Super! Exclusive! Must! Credit! People! baby photos of Harlow Winter Kate Madden today. And something about those droopy eyes and vacant glare do suggest that Joel Madden is indeed the father. Although we don't yet see any resemblance to Mama Nicole, Harlow is definitely packing junk in the...cheeks. But that's a good thing! For a close-up of the just-under-two-month-old sporting the grim expression of someone who knows that their life is going to turn into a True Hollywood Story, click through.

Molly Friedman · 02/11/08 07:31PM

When it comes to getting every last detail concerning Nicole Richie's eating habits, partying habits and exact partying schedule (down to the minute!), Us Weekly truly is the Economist of its genre. Reporting that new parents Nicole Richie and Joel Madden attended "Four Parties in Just Two Days!", the weekly takes gossip hounding to a whole new level. In this one story alone, there are no less than five time-stamps detailing the duo's every move and remark. For example: "She sipped on a tiny glass of champagne at 1:12 a.m. before heading home to check up on Harlow at 1:48 a.m." Thanks, Us! Not only were we on the edge of our seat wondering how large her champagne flute was, but the other night at 1:48am, we couldn't sleep without knowing for sure that Harlow Richie Madden was "checked up on." We feel so pacified we're not even gonna step out for our daily stress-relieving smoke break. []

Britney Spears Gets To Keep Her Kids For Now

Emily Gould · 09/19/07 08:00AM
  • Little Jayden James and Sean Preston are stuck with their mom, a judge has ruled. Howevs, Britney Spears does have to undergo random drug testing, attend individual therapy and also go to parenting classes avec K Fed, horrors! [NYP]

Joel Madden Kills White Converse Trend In 'Rolling Stone'

Emily Gould · 03/15/07 03:31PM

Good Charlotte something-player Joel Madden knows that just because you're a punk, it doesn't mean you can't dress well. In the current issue of the old people's favorite music mag, he reveals that he always tries "to go shopping when I'm on tour. I get yelled at: 'You're going shopping again?' When I started touring, I didn't care. I was in Dickies and Vans, which is cool in its way." But there's still one downmarket item he can't bear to part with: a pair of shoes whose coolness he was informed of by older brother Josh. "I was always wearing black Converse, and he's like, 'Put these white Converse on.' And I like white Converse now."