NBC to Make Show About Lesbo

Richard Lawson · 09/08/11 04:31PM

Finally, television is directly addressing the lesbo community. Also today: Candace Bushnell will never go away, Keira Knightley sets out to do another prestige project, and Michael Keaton has been found.

Hanna: The Littlest Assassin

Richard Lawson · 12/21/10 11:45AM

Here's a very exciting trailer for Hanna, director Joe Wright's tale of a young girl (Saoirse Ronan) trained by her father (Eric Bana) to be a cold-hearted assassin. She gets caught by Cate Blanchett and then hell really breaks loose.

The Little Mermaid Movie Better Not Involve Roller Skates

Richard Lawson · 07/08/10 03:54PM

There's actually going to be one, guys. And that's what the live-action Broadway show used. Roller skates. (Well, Heelys.) Also today: good news for a 90210 alum, more X-Men casting news, and Valerie Bertinelli will be employed for another year.

'Atonement' Director Calls Off Wedding In Story Too 'Seinfeld' To Be True

Molly Friedman · 06/10/08 06:20PM

What appears to be a very highbrow and British tale about the split between Atonement director Joe Wright and his (now ex) fiancée, the strawberry blonde stunner Rosamund Pike, instead sounds like a neuroses-filled, laugh track-accompanied episode of classic Seinfeld material. Wright and Pike got engaged this past September, having met on the set of Pride & Prejudice, but due to calamitous series of unfortunate events involving wedding invitations, photos of the pair in a hot tub, and late night lap dances, the previously boring but gorgeous couple are making headlines for an engagement gone suddenly and horribly wrong. Details on the sordid, beyond comical story after the jump.

Putting A Sleepy Sundance To Bed

mark · 01/25/08 03:17PM

· As a disappointing™ Sundance limps towards the finish line, buyers are proving immune to the charms of Big Name Stars like Robert DeNiro and Tom Hanks, whose films (What Just Happened and The Great Buck Howard) have "held all of the appeal of three-day-old fish." [Variety]
· Sundance? More like Stunned'dance, quips the Reporter as the sound of a rimshot slowly fades into the eerie quiet of Park City's Main Street. Are we right, ladies? [THR]
· Universal signs Atonement's Joe Wright, red-hot from seven Oscar nominations (though not one for directing; thanks, Jason Reitman!) to a two-picture deal. [Variety]
[After the jump: Marvel and the WGA make nice on an interim basis; Disney tries to squeeze even more money out of the Toy Story franchise.]