Insane Congressman Joe Walsh Screams at His Constituents

Jim Newell · 11/09/11 01:39PM

Is this the angriest interaction between a congressman and his constituents ever, or at least of the ones that have been captured on YouTube? Yes? Let's go with "yes." This is Illinois Tea Party Rep. Joe Walsh, a.k.a. Congress' Dad of the Year, just completely unloading on a couple of constituents at a recent town hall at an Uno pizza restaurant. The subject? Leave the banks alone!

TV's Favorite Tea Party Congressman Sued for $117K in Child Support

Jim Newell · 07/28/11 12:57PM

Are you familiar with freshman Republican Rep. Joe Walsh? No? That's okay! Just turn on any cable news channel at any time. He'll be there. Producers love to book him, and he loves to be booked. His politics can best be described as anti-any-compromise-ever, and he is rude. Another interesting thing about Joe Walsh is that his ex-wife is suing him for $117,437 in unpaid child support.