Happy Birthday

cityfile · 07/17/09 06:40AM

Super-publicist Peggy Siegal is turning 62 today. David Hasselhoff turns 57. Donald Sutherland is 74. Producer Mark Burnett is 49. Phyllis Diller is 92. Defense attorney Peter Neufeld is turning turns 59. Linda Gibbs, the Deputy Mayor of Health and Human Services, is turning 50 today. Comedian Beth Littleford is 41. View producer Bill Geddie is turning 54. Lucie Arnaz, the daughter of Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz, is 58. Author and blogger Cory Doctorow is 38. And old-time TV host Art Linkletter turns 97 today. A list of people with birthdays this weekend—including Chace Crawford, Ian Schrager, and Steve Forbes—is below.

Happy Birthday

cityfile · 07/18/08 06:53AM

Two members of the Gossip Girl gang are celebrating birthdays today: Chace Crawford is 23 and Kristen Bell is 28. Steve Forbes, who is not on Gossip Girl (but could very well be a fan? Steve?) turns 61 today. Brooklyn Museum director Arnold Lehman will be 64, New York's Adam Platt will turn 50, and Joe Torre will celebrate his 68th. Weekend birthdays: On Saturday, artist Marilyn Minter will be 60, Calvin Butts will turn 59, and ESPN's Stuart Scott will be 43. On Sunday, Gisele Bundchen will turn 28. Other birthdays on Sunday: the Times' Stuart Elliott, composer Michael Gordon, theater producer Rocco Landesman, and former VJ Simon Rex.

Torre To Steinbrenner: Bite Me!

Maggie · 10/18/07 04:15PM

Attaway, Joe. Yankees manager Joe Torre dropped into Tampa for an hour today to turn down the team's offer of a $5 million one-year extension to his contract. During this year's playoffs, the best boss in town among those bosses who aren't actually, shall we say, "present," George Steinbrenner, publicly held Torre's job over his head, threatening to fire him if he didn't turn in another series win.

You Stay Classy, 'New York Post'

abalk2 · 10/11/06 08:40AM

Well, after yesterday's confirmation of the Post's "scoop" that Joe Torre would remain Yankee manager, we expected a little bit of gloating. Still, we're kind of surprised at how reserved they are: That little bubble on the front reads "Best (and Most Accurate) Playoff Coverage in Town!" It's almost subtle, considering. Still, we suppose when you've got something like this in your rear-view mirror

And Joe Is Telling You He's Not Going

abalk2 · 10/10/06 01:34PM

If you're scoring at home, the Post has come out on top of the News in two tabs' contest over whether or not Yankees skipper Joe Torre will remain at the helm: Torre is currently holding a press conference where he says he's staying on. Still, we can't be too hard on the News, which just two days ago was telling us that Torre was toast: Photo placement like this is pretty goddamn genius.