Otter Outwits Hungry Orcas by Seeking Refuge on Getaway Boat

Neetzan Zimmerman · 11/05/12 09:30AM

Tea Party Republican Joe Miller may have lost the 2010 U.S. Senate election in Alaska to write-in candidate Lisa Murkowski, but he won the Internet this weekend with this footage of a run-in with an otter mama seeking to evade a pod of hungry orcas.

Is Joe Miller Finished?

Jim Newell · 10/28/10 11:00AM

A pretty stunning new poll of Alaska's Senate race shows Joe Miller, the Republican candidate and clear favorite since his primary win, suddenly dropping to third place. And third place is a bad place to be, days before an election.

Don't Try to Ask Alaska Republican Joe Miller Any Questions

Max Read · 10/18/10 01:14AM

Are you a journalist? Would you like to ask Alaska's Republican Senate candidate some questions? Well, I wouldn't try doing so after a town hall meeting at a school. Because you might get handcuffed and "detained" by his security detail.

Leaked Emails: Sarah Palin Doesn't Give Out Endorsements for Nothing

Jim Newell · 10/05/10 05:40PM

Some testy emails between the camps of Sarah Palin and Alaskan Senate candidate Joe Miller, whom she endorsed, have leaked, and yikes! Basically, when Miller refused to directly answer a televised question regarding Palin's presidential qualifications, Todd Palin was... unhappy.