The Alleged Documentarian and the Alleged Murderer

Leah Finnegan · 03/17/15 03:20PM

Robert Durst is one of the more sympathetic alleged serial killers I've seen interviewed on television. He's not folksily unhinged, like Charles Manson, or flatly terrifying, like Jeffrey Dahmer. He seems like any other New York eccentric. He carries a backpack, wears little sneakers and toddles around New York City, Starbucks Americano in hand. He speaks in a nasal drawl, his voice steady, never rising or falling above a certain pitch (except for some stray whispers).

The Best Butt-Related Excerpts From The Rogue

Hamilton Nolan · 09/19/11 04:06PM

The Rogue, Joe McGinniss' much-discussed gossipy book about Sarah Palin, hits stores tomorrow. But why wait an entire day to learn the most salacious news about Sarah and Todd Palin—and butts? We've got it for you now.

The Unpublished Sarah Palin Tell-All That's Leaked Everywhere

Jim Newell · 02/21/11 01:00PM

Frank Bailey is a former confidante to Sarah Palin. He started off painting her gubernatorial campaign offices as a volunteer in 2005 and left as a top aide in 2009. He was inspired by, loyal to, and probably in love with Palin, based on our reading. But now he hates her! All of this according to his 465-page, tell-all manuscript that's mysteriously leaked to reporters' inboxes everywhere.

Joe McGinniss Says He is Not Spying on Sarah Palin

Ravi Somaiya · 05/29/10 11:37AM

The author moved in next door to the Palins, as part of his research for a book on Sarah. Wasilliness ensued — she built a giant fence and accused him of spying on her kids. He says that's ridiculous.

Sarah Palin's Small-Town Downfall Has Begun

Adrian Chen · 05/27/10 08:01PM

Sarah Palin has traded heavily on her Real America, small-town roots throughout her career. But this is also a great liability. The case of Sarah Palin's nosy next-door neighbor shows Palin's downfall at the hands of pissed-off provincials has begun.

Another Irrelevant Portfolio Cover Coming

Ryan Tate · 03/17/09 01:01AM

What is wrong with Joanne Lipman? Does the Portfolio editor detest business journalism? Is she trying to finally get fired? There must be some reason she's putting Sarah Palin on next month's cover.

The Journalist's Kid and the Publisher

abalk2 · 02/22/07 11:00AM

Every publisher who is not too stupid or too full of himself to notice what is going on knows that what he does is morally indefensible. He is a kind of confidence man, preying on people's vanity, their tendencies to nepotism, their "you scratch my back and I'll scratch yours" deals and publishing them without remorse. Publishers justify their treachery in various ways according to their temperaments. The more pompous talk about "high concepts" and "important recommendations"; the seemliest admit that, hey, the book's by one of my writer's kids; the most honest tell you that they'll pretty much publish anything if it shuts Bret Easton Ellis up.