Wild Stripper Fan Proposed to Modern Family's Sofia Vergara on Christmas

Allie Jones · 12/29/14 04:35PM

Congratulations are due to one Sofia Vergara, who is engaged to be married for the second time this year, according to E! News. Vergara is reportedly set to wed Magic Mike actor Joe Manganiello, who by his own account convinced Vergara to date him this year after he called her his "celeb crush" in People magazine. B-list stars—they're just like us!

Get a Load of Amateur Night at This Male Strip Club

Rich Juzwiak · 12/01/14 02:18PM

Showtime aired the male-stripper documentary La Bare this weekend, and it was so douchey that I felt utterly cleansed inside after watching it. Actor Joe Manganiello came upon the Dallas strip club the film profiles and is named after while researching for his role of Big Dick Richie in Magic Mike. He was so inspired to document the happenings at the club—La Bare was initially intended to be a reality show, and boy does it feel like it. It is endearingly trashy. The only thing bigger than the personalities on screen are the packages.

A Completely Gratuitous Gallery of Sexy, Shirtless Celebrities

Brian Moylan · 11/16/11 03:55PM

Happy Sexiest Man Alive day, everyone. That is the day when People magazine announces who their hottest hunk of the year is. This time around it's Bradley Cooper. In his honor, here's a whole gallery of shirtless famous people we think are sexy, for no good reason other than that we know you're pervy.

Lindsay Lohan Is Being Forced to Work at the Morgue

Brian Moylan · 10/19/11 11:32AM

The judge handling the Lindsay Lohan case forces her to clean up after dead bodies. Rihanna settles a lawsuit with the photographer she ripped off. Demi Moore is too damn skinny and Kellan Lutz comes out (as straight). Wednesday's gossip is calling in sick.

The Continued Nakedness of Joe Manganiello

Richard Lawson · 08/18/11 05:40PM

Yes, ladies and germs, you might just be seeing a little more of Mr. Manganiello. Also today: bad news for Kat Von D, good news for Josh Groban, and this summer is going to save the movie industry.