Joe Lieberman Deciding Which Republican He Wants to Replace Him

Jim Newell · 10/24/11 12:00PM

It does not seem like a question of whether retiring Sen. Joe Lieberman will support a Republican in the race for his Senate seat, but which Republican he will support. Which one would annoy Democrats, the people he represented as a United States vice presidential candidate in 2000, the absolute most? This is a call he cannot afford to get wrong. Joe Lieberman is on the eve of great decisions.

People's Champion Joe Lieberman Calls for 'Washington Spring'

Jim Newell · 09/15/11 01:50PM

A brave coalition of centrist senators defiantly took the stage today to save America, by asking for larger, more painful budget cuts to lower- and middle-class social programs in a horrible time of economic agony and uncertainty. Thirty-six of them, there were! Can you just feel the red, white and blue coursing through your veins?

Blogger Arrested Over Threat to Joe Lieberman

Max Read · 08/09/11 07:51PM

There are a few guidelines to being a successful blogger: Update frequently. Promote your posts on social media. And don't describe Sen. Joe Lieberman as "one Jew, who we absolutely must shoot in the face (many times), ASAP."

Get Excited for Joe Lieberman's War in Syria

Jim Newell · 03/28/11 03:41PM

These Sunday talk show hosts are so mean, the way they exploit Sen. Joe Lieberman's incurable love of endless war everywhere for a mini-scoop or two every week. Here's Fox News' Chris Wallace asking the despised Connecticut lame-duck yesterday, "What should we do about Syria?" Not a very subtle leading question, Chris Wallace. We all know that Joe Lieberman would sell his skin, teeth and bones for a few (million) bombing sorties over Damascus that he can watch on television, with his pants down.

The Real World: An Inquest into the Wasting of Perfectly Good Pizza

Brian Moylan · 02/04/10 02:29PM

This is a transcript from a hearing of the Senate Pizza Responsibility Committee for an inquest into the wasting of two whole pies at a residence at 2000 S St, NW in Washington, D.C. The honorable Senator Joeseph Lieberman presiding.