Dear Children, Please Leave Plastic Surgery for the Olds

Brian Moylan · 07/19/10 02:19PM

Charice, the 18-year-old Filipino singer, is preparing for her role in the upcoming season of Glee not by practicing her singing or dancing, but by getting Botox and other treatments. This is really dumb.

Scary Surgery Sells Service

Hamilton Nolan · 02/27/08 03:59PM

"If it's not fixed by the one who made it, it probably won't work," says this ad touting Chevy and its service centers [via AdPulp]. I get it! But wait, I hope they paid some royalties to plastic surgery victim Jocelyn Wildenstein, cause they are totally ripping off her look. Compare and contrast:

Her Hair Looks OK.

Richard Lawson · 02/20/08 12:11PM

[New York socialite and plastic surgery aficionado Jocelyn Wildenstein, who was dubbed "The Bride of Wildenstein" by the New York press, leaving a Los Angeles restaurant on Monday; image via WENN]

Choire · 08/21/07 11:15AM

Hey! Whatever happened to Jocelyn Wildenstein? Why haven't we heard a peep about her in years?

Gossip Roundup: 50 Cent Too Polite to be Gangsta

Jessica · 11/09/05 10:36AM

• 50 Cent shows up to the premiere of his movie with a 30-member posse, the members of which he politely attempts to introduce, individually, to red carpet reporters. See? We told you he was nothing but a thug poseur. [Lowdown (2nd item)]
• Because marrying Jordan Catalano is every young woman's dream, Lindsay Lohan is eager to wed beau Jared Leto, who taught her how to eat again. [Scoop]
• Matthew McConaughey is rumored to have landed the role of People magazine's Sexiest Man With Hairplugs Alive. [Page Six]
• Actress Halle Berry is sleeping with her boyfriend, so she must be pregnant. [R&M]
• Most disturbing sighting ever: "Joe (father of Michael) Jackson at Bruno Jamais' supper club with Jocelyn Wildenstein promoting his reality TV show, 'Hip-Hop Boot Camp.'" [Page Six]