Automation and Basic Income

Hamilton Nolan · 03/25/16 12:46PM

Without meaning to, the CEO of a restaurant corporation that is busily trying to automate employees out of existence is becoming one of the best spokesmen for the idea of providing all Americans with a universal basic income.

Do Not Get a Degree From an Online For-Profit College

Hamilton Nolan · 03/24/16 11:00AM

If you want to go to college, try community college. Try public college. Try the school of hard knocks. Do not, however, pay money for a degree from an online, for-profit school. Studies say: no!!!

Hamilton Nolan · 03/18/16 11:10AM

New data from Seattle, Los Angeles, and other cities that raised their minimum wage recently show little to no negative effects on hiring after those wages went up. Don’t believe the hype.

The End of Automatic Tipping Has Devastated Restaurant Paychecks 

Hamilton Nolan · 03/16/16 03:00PM

Unless you work in a restaurant, you may not have noticed that many restaurants no longer include “automatic gratuities” on the checks of large groups. But if you do work in a restaurant, this little change may have left you financially destroyed.

Tech Workers Should Unionize

Hamilton Nolan · 03/07/16 11:56AM

Last week, the drivers who shuttle San Francisco Google employees to work voted to unionize with the Teamsters. How long until their passengers do the same thing?

How to Harass Union Members in Incredibly Petty Ways

Hamilton Nolan · 02/26/16 02:12PM

Some companies work well with their employees’ unions. Some companies tolerate them. And some companies—like TEGNA, the media company that used to be Gannett—seeks to find the most small-minded ways to make union members’ lives miserable.

Hamilton Nolan · 12/07/15 01:02PM

The city of Albuquerque is trying the radical approach of giving homeless people jobs. Perhaps not as satisfying a solution as just outlawing homelessness, but it has the advantage of working.