Creepy Job Listing of the Day

Pareene · 05/05/09 03:15PM

Do you need a job? Are you a young woman with "both head and body shots"? Do you have great hands? We have a job for you! You're gonna love it!

Study On Journalist Burnout Explains Why You Hate Your Job So %*&$#@ Much

Maggie · 01/16/08 06:26PM

You make crap for cash. Your achievements are barely noticed. Your company's idea of encouragement is not firing you. The last time you spent more than twenty good minutes with your kids or significant other was two weeks ago, give or take a month. Sound familiar? A former journalist who's now a professor at Indiana's Ball State University has turned your career malaise and the occasional desire you have to slap your editor really hard into a full-blown research study on journalist burnout. He draws his conclusions based on responses from newspaper staff nationwide. Also on something called a motivation-hygiene theory, which makes us giggle a little. What does the Ivory Tower think about how you're doing? Well, in a study whose main indicators are exhaustion and cynicism, probably not much. Who's the most miserable among your colleagues? How long will you last? If you promise not to kill yourself, then by all means, investigate the post-jump details.

HarperCollins Says You Are "NEEDED RIGHT NOW"

Maggie · 11/13/07 05:10PM

Quick quick! If you respond to this ad in the next two-and-a-half minutes, you might be the lucky one chosen! The task? Hitting the streets to round up food carts for Thursday night's book launch of Michael Franzini's "One Hundred Young Americans," out a couple of weeks ago from HarperCollins, our favorite company that is currently being sued for $100-mil by Judith Regan.

Maggie · 10/25/07 12:45PM

"Top NYC-based publicist looking for a new intern... Laptop required! It would also be a major plus to be a fast typer and thinker, and to be very familiar with Word, Excel, and other office programs (i.e. Entourage). Major plus to be a PR, marketing or advertising major! Compensation is either college credit and exposure, compensation for some expenses." Oh it's so adorable when employers tout "exposure" as a significant job perk. [Craigslist]

Doree Shafrir · 06/11/07 01:55PM

New York Times is hiring six copy editors, and would like potential applicants to know that "several of the editors listed on the newspaper's masthead started on the paper's copy desk." [Poynter]