Should We Give Tao Lin's Intern a Job?

Richard Lawson · 08/23/08 02:01PM

Yesterday we posted about gimmick-crazed "writer" Tao Lin, who recently raised $12,000 in investors' money for a book that doesn't even exist is "95% finished," according to Tao. And one of the investors was Tao's own intern! It seems that said lass, detailed in an email sent to us today, had ambitions of working here, at humble old Gawker Media. It was her idea for Tao to lurk outside our offices and put his stupid Britney Spears stickers everywhere! But, she says, she'd still like to intern here, specifically at our ladyblog Jezebel. So, what should we do? Read the email after the jump and weigh in on this crucial Matter of the Youngs.

Emily Gould · 11/23/07 09:30AM

Do you hate your job? Are you also not so crazy about "money?" Former Life&Style editor Mark Paretsky is staffing up his new "lifestyle-based gossip Web site" via Craigslist ad and Facebook note, offering entry-level staffers $10 an hour. Or, you know, you could work at Banana Republic, get a discount on sweaters, and not have to stare at a screen all day. [Page Six]