Republicans Vetted Dan Rather Panel

Ryan Tate · 11/17/08 12:28AM

So it turns out "crazy" old Dan Rather has turned up some actual, you know, evidence for his theory of a vast right-wing conspiracy to take him down at CBS News four years ago: CBS memos show the guy who led the "investigation" into Rather's 60 Minutes story on the president's Air National Guard service was appointed after getting "high marks from the G.O.P." Another Republican was rejected after being deemed not sufficiently right-wing by a CBS lobbyist and executives. Craven CBS News suits even considered having Rather's work reviewed by Ann Coulter and various other terrible right-wing demagogues:

More Aftershocks From The Two Little Words That Shook Hollywood

mark · 09/25/07 05:30PM

While Hollywood observers can rationally understand what Viacom CEO Phillippe Dauman meant when he told a room full of investors that Steven Spielberg's possible departure from his corporate family would be "completely immaterial" to his company's overall health, they also know that it was a catastrophic mistake not to immediately douse himself in gasoline after speaking those impolitic words, strike a match, and cry in anguish, "But the very thought of losing the greatest filmmaker—nay, human being!—in the history of this business we call show is so painful that this disturbing self-immolation you will now witness is the only thing that can stop my heartsickness." Slate's Kim Masters asks some insiders about Dauman's tragic failure to pay any kind of tribute to the national treasure's contributions, about Spielberg's likely feelings on the issue of immateriality, and about whether or not Paramount should just burn down the Melrose lot and start over after his inevitable departure:

Craigslist Classified Advertisers Are Out to Destroy Newspapers

Jesse · 03/20/06 04:15PM

Truth is, for all the talk of instant news and reader-generated news and blogs and podcast and streaking video and all of that, the thing on the internet that's really doing the most to kill newspapers is Craigslist. Sure, readership might be disappearing at the same slow trickle it's been disappearing for years — and sure that's a problem — but the bigger problem is the much faster disappearance of classifieds revenue as people selling used cars and people selling real estate and, especially, people who need to fill jobs, move their listings online. As an article in the business section of today's Times notes, The San Jose Mercury News, for example, in 2000 saw $118 million job-listings revenue; last year that number was $18 million.