J.J. Abrams Releases First Footage From Set of Star Wars Episode VII

Jay Hathaway · 05/21/14 12:10PM

Filming on Star Wars Episode VII started in Abu Dhabi just five days ago, and director J.J. Abrams has already posted footage from the desert set. Abrams is notorious for going to great lengths to shut down leaks—he literally built a wall to prevent spying on the Star Trek 2 set—but he'll make an exception for charity.

Your New Steven Spielberg Has Almost Arrived

Richard Lawson · 06/13/11 10:30AM

With the modest success of his latest, Spielbergiest movie, J.J. Abrams is close to ascendancy. The same cannot necessarily be said for the new X-Men, but inexplicably can about The Hangover Part II.

Is Super 8 Too Mysterious?

Richard Lawson · 06/07/11 05:21PM

Will a deliberately shadowy marketing campaign for the monster movie ruin its box office? Also today: Though much hay is often made about the ever-slipping ratings of the Olympics, NBC still wants 'em and they want 'em bad. Plus Cheryl Cole newz!

CBS and The CW Tell Us What We Should Watch Next Fall

Brian Moylan · 05/19/11 01:59PM

This week are the television upfronts, when the networks show ever-eager advertisers the programs they're working on for the fall season. The networks want to make money off these shows. We just want to pass judgment on them.

Super 8: The Monster Movie Movie

Richard Lawson · 03/11/11 01:18PM

Here's a trailer for Super 8, this summer's J.J. Abrams-directed, Steven Spielberg-produced monster movie about a bunch of kids in the '70s who, while making a monster movie, end up in the middle of an actual monster crisis. Or at least we assume it's a monster. Who knows!

Poor Jennifer Aniston Can't Even Do Well on TV Anymore

Richard Lawson · 09/23/10 01:15PM

Try as she did, her presence on air last night didn't get people worked up. Also today: Matt Dillon gets a juicy role, Angelina finds her leady lady, and two favorite Lost actors are getting together for a new show!

The Best Actress Oscar Fight Just Got a Whole Lot Nastier

Richard Lawson · 09/16/10 02:30PM

A prestige actress just had a movie dropped into the fall slate. Watch out, ladies! Also today: a literary classic gets an Awzom! movie makeover, lots of TV shows hire actors, and some Christine O'Donnell jokes.

Jamie Foxx To Exact Sketch Comedy Revenge On Us All

Richard Lawson · 09/01/10 03:35PM

We really should have gone to see Law Abiding Citizen! We really should have. Also today: Somehow a young filmmaker gets his shot, casting news for two Showtime shows, and renewal news for two TNT series.

The Lost Finale Was Incredibly Dumb

Max Read · 05/23/10 10:59PM

Once upon a time, there was a television show about a bunch of people on an island. For six years it was one of the most fascinating things on TV. And then it ended, in the worst way possible.

Will Any of These New Shows Save NBC?

Richard Lawson & Brian Moylan · 05/17/10 02:47PM

With its ratings in the toilet and prime time roster trashed by the failed Jay Leno experiment, the upcoming television season is make-or-break for NBC. Based on the trailers for the shows it has coming up, is there any hope?

Kristen Stewart to Go All Kerouac On Your Ass

Richard Lawson · 05/07/10 10:18AM

She's headed out, uh, down the street... Also today: Hayden Christensen is inexplicably employed, a new horror movie deals with real-life scary stuff, more J.J. Abrams secret movie updates, and a look at how the apes will someday rule us.

Tony Soprano Gets a Job Driving a Cab

Richard Lawson · 05/06/10 11:04AM

That's what happened after the cut to black! Well, it's what might happen to James Gandolfini anyway. Also today: A beloved actress departs Weeds, a new horror movie sounds truly horrific, children are ruined forever, and a Jesus cartoon.

The Mystery of J.J. Abrams' Secret Movie

Richard Lawson · 05/04/10 01:05PM

The master of secrets behind Lost (well, sort of behind it) has a new movie coming out that no one's ever heard of! A teaser will play before Iron Man 2, giving a first-ever glimpse. So what's it about?