The Bunker in Alabama Where the Kidnapped 5-Year Old Was Held Looks Crazy

Jordan Sargent · 02/05/13 11:51PM

The saga of the kidnapped five-year old in Dale County, Alabama has come to a conclusion. The boy is safe and resting in a hospital and his captor, Jimmy Lee Dykes — who kidnapped the boy after shooting his bus driver dead — is dead himself following an FBI raid.

Hostage-Taking 'Doomsday Prepper' Passes 30th Hour of Bunker Standoff with Cops

Max Read · 01/31/13 10:00AM

It's now been more than 30 hours since police began negotiating with Jimmy Lee Dykes, the 65-year-old "anti-government" "doomsday prepper" who allegedly shot and killed and a school bus driver before retreating with a six-year-old hostage to an underground bunker on his Alabama property. Authorities say the boy, who remains unidentified, is okay — he's been given medicine and a coloring book and crayons — but the situation is "static" and the endgame is unclear.