Jimmy Kimmel and Iggy Azalea Translate "Fancy" Lyrics for Old People

Rich Juzwiak · 05/16/14 01:05PM

Before performing her Top 5 hit "Fancy" on last night's Jimmy Kimmel Live, Australian rapper/drag queen Iggy Azalea helped prep the squares in Kimmel's audience by rephrasing the lyrics of the song's first verse and hook. Her in-between accent as she recites (but doesn't quite rap) her lyrics is utterly bizarre, and Kimmel's translations are for the most part hilarious.

Here's Kanye West Ranting for Over Eight Minutes Straight on Kimmel

Rich Juzwiak · 10/10/13 01:47AM

The first thing you should know about Kanye West's manic episode on tonight's Jimmy Kimmel Live is that he had some shit in the left corner of his mouth for a large portion of it. That was very distracting, and made everything he said that much harder to take seriously.

Zooey Deschanel Pushes the Limits of Adorkability on Jimmy Kimmel Live

Matt Toder · 03/26/12 11:49PM

Zooey Deschanel stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live tonight and pushed the very limits of adorkability. There was a story about her "six months years old" nephew, some tales from her childhood and, of course, a ghost hunt. There may have been more but my slingbox couldn't handle it.

Barney Frank Is Charming As Ever on Jimmy Kimmel Live

Matt Toder · 02/23/12 01:10AM

Barney Frank is retiring from Congress and also marrying his longtime boyfriend in the near future, which means he had plenty of charming material while guesting on tonight's Jimmy Kimmel Live. He's really one of the good guys.

Jimmy Kimmel's Mom Was 'Very Sadistic' And Kind of Messed Up

Ryan Tate · 02/02/12 07:49PM

Jimmy Kimmel went on fellow comic Marc Maron's podcast-slash-psychotherapy-couch WTF to talk about his unusual career path. But he couldn't resist taking his famously neurotic host on a detour into some of his family issues, including the "very sadistic" mom who used to make him pay her begging homage and who pretended she was dead to make him cry.

Jason Sudeikis Is Not a Belieber

Matt Cherette · 06/03/11 02:18AM

Back in February—when he wasn't cozying up courtside to Rihanna—Justin Bieber participated in the NBA's Celebrity All-Star Game. It seems like SNL's Jason Sudeikis wasn't impressed with Bieber's skills considering he had this to say about his teen opponent on tonight's Jimmy Kimmel Live!: "I didn't even know it was him for the first two quarters, I thought it was a Make-A-Wish situation." [via Vulture]

The Gary Busey Crazy Train Stops by Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Matt Cherette · 04/19/11 01:38AM

Yesterday, Gary Busey was fired on The Celebrity Apprentice. But fear not, dedicated fans, for he returned to TV screens tonight on Jimmy Kimmel Live! And you know what? His interview with Kimmel—which ranged from a discussion of body language, to "Buseyisms," to Meatloaf-bashing—was just as entertaining as Busey was in The Donald's boardroom.