Bill Clinton's Day, Encapsulized

Pareene · 01/20/09 03:15PM

Poor Bill Clinton. Everything he says and does is picked over for proof of raging ego, jealousy, resentment, and general craziness. Of course, sometimes he delivers!

Happy Birthday

cityfile · 10/01/08 06:21AM

Eat a peanut today in honor of Jimmy Carter. The former president is celebrating his 84th birthday. Others celebrating: Actor Randy Quaid is 58. Julie Andrews is turning 73. Swimsuit model Cindy Margolis is 43. Retired baseball player Mark McGwire is turning 45. 48 Hours correspondent Richard Schlesinger turns 54. And Tom Bosley of Happy Days fame is 81.

If You Give Hamas a Cookie

Pareene · 04/15/08 12:48PM

Unlike certain grandfatherly former presidents, Matt Drudge hasn't yet forgotten the dark lessons of our shared childrens' book history. It starts with a hug, Jimmy—then Hamas will want a cookie. Soon you've handed over Israel to extremists, and then they'll just be thirsty for milk. American milk. [Drudge]