Jimmy Carter Says His Cancer Is Gone

Melissa Cronin · 12/06/15 12:39PM

Former president and also former peanut farmer Jimmy Carter says that cancerous spots doctors found in his brain earlier this year are gone, suggesting he is cancer-free.

Jimmy Carter Has Brain Cancer

Taylor Berman · 08/20/15 09:17AM

At a press conference this morning, former President Jimmy Carter elaborated on his cancer diagnosis, telling reporters that he has four small melanoma spots on his brain.

Adam Weinstein · 03/25/14 11:53AM

Edward Snowden's disclosures may have helped the Russians conceal their moves in Crimea, unnamed U.S. officials subtly suggest without evidence. But "I think it's good for Americans to know the kinds of things that have been revealed by him," says Jimmy Carter. Get on the same page, fellas!

Jimmy Carter Sticks Up for His Old Pal Paula Deen

Kate Bennert · 06/28/13 01:28PM

In an interview with CNN on the eve of The Carter Center's upcoming human rights forum, former president Jimmy Carter took the opportunity to weigh in about his dear old friend, celebrity racist Paula Deen.

How Jimmy Carter Saved American Beer

Max Read · 08/05/10 11:38PM

Thursday was International Beer Day! Did you raise a glass of beer to former president Jimmy Carter? You should have: Carter's actions as president helped start the brewing renaissance that helps keep your local stocked with delicious craft beers.

Happy Birthday

cityfile · 10/01/09 06:42AM

Jimmy Carter turns 85 today. Recently arrested actor Randy Quaid is turning 59. Julie Andrews is 74. Swimsuit model Cindy Margolis is turning 44. Retired baseball player Mark McGwire is 46. Actor/comedian Christopher Titus turns 45. CBS News veteran Richard Schlesinger is 55. Former Happy Days star Tom Bosley is turning 82. And Dr. Robert Rey, the star of Dr. 90210 and the craziest plastic surgeon on cable television, celebrates his 48th birthday today.