Reese Witherspoon Arrested, Shouts 'Do You Know My Name?' at Police

Taylor Berman · 04/21/13 06:15PM

Drunk driving is, generally speaking, a bad idea, even if you're, say, the husband of a wealthy movie star. A worse idea? Deciding to drunkenly berate the police officers arresting your husband, especially if you're the famous movie star wife of the person getting arrested. Unfortunately for everyone involved, this is just what Reese Witherspoon did early Friday morning, a decision that resulted in her arrest.

Angelina Jolie Wants to Cross the Sahara on a Camel

Max Read · 07/30/11 10:43AM

Angelina Jolie is planning on abandoning her kids in the desert. Amy Winehouse's clothing is distributed. Casey Anthony's seeking treatment. And another grandkid of Queen Elizabeth II is getting married. Saturday gossip is here.

True Blood Hunk Rescues Bloody Man Lying in Street

Maureen O'Connor · 04/04/11 10:00AM

Ryan Kwanten eagerly awaits his superhero franchise. Justin Trousersnake canoodles Olivia Wilde. Reese Witherspoon releases pictures from her wedding. Monday's gossip roundup is a roundup of action.

The Royal Wedding Cake Is Gross

Adrian Chen · 03/27/11 09:49AM
  • Royal wedding news! The official cake for Kate and William's wedding has been revealed, and it is… "a multi-tiered, traditional fruitcake"? As we speak, the cake is "maturing," because you apparently don't bake a fruitcake as much as ferment it. There will be a bunch of "3-D scrollwork, flowers, leaves and other decorative touches," on it, but, ew, England. It's bad enough at Christmas, but the Most Important Wedding of All Time is going to have a fruitcake? Look at the official royal baker, Fiona Cairns, mixing the cake above. GROSS. Oh, but don't worry there's also going to be a "chocolate-cookie cake". A chocolate cookie cake? Is this a spectacular royal wedding or an insurance office goodbye party? The main course at dinner will be canned beans slopped on paper plates with a ladle. [People]

Chris Brown on Window-Breaking Tantrum: I Thought GMA Was Exploiting Me

Maureen O'Connor · 03/24/11 11:01AM

Chris Brown apologizes for breaking GMA's window. Whoopi Goldberg confesses she was high when she won her Oscar. Ashley Greene's post-Jonas rumspringa continues. And Westboro Baptist Church plans to protest at Liz Taylor's funeral. Thursday gossip has regrets.