Upside Down: Kirsten Dunst Is Head Over Heels

Brian Moylan · 01/03/12 03:41PM

Check out this French trailer for the new thriller Upside Down. I don't quite get how this high concept works. Apparently there is a world with two sets of gravity and those who are right side up can't fall in love with those upside down. Unless you're Kirsten Dunst, of course.

What's Opening in Theaters This Weekend

Richard Lawson · 08/19/11 06:10PM

We have only three summer weekends left, so the last few dregs of summer movies are lurching out of the shadows to entertain you. Today we have a wistful British romance, a scary American vampire, and a far-eastern war.

Kate Bosworth: 'No Sober Sex Scenes For Me, Thankyouverymuch'

Molly Friedman · 03/27/08 06:50PM

This may shock many of you, but we've been hearing rumors for years that giving girls a few drinks can make them feel more romantically adventurous. And, according to People, this very rumor was put into action when 21 star Kate Bosworth shot her love scenes with co-star Jim Sturgess. As she recently admitted at a New York screening, "We were both so drunk...Jim and I became such good friends, we decided to have a couple of drinks, loosen up and go for it." Which got us thinking: seeing as how Kate's been required to do the whole sex scene thing with quite a few actors over they years, what other combination of sedatives, drugs and drinks must she have had to pop and sip in order to get down and dirty with the likes of James Van Der Beek and (gulp) Kevin Spacey?